About Us

Detox Plus clinics are specialist Rapid Opiate Detox treatment centres, helping individuals detox quickly and comfortably from opiate drugs such as heroin, codeine, methadone, oxycontin etc.

With historical success in the field of addiction, Detox Plus are uniquely positioned to offer Rapid Opiate Detox both:

(i) as a standalone detoxification treatment; and

(ii) as a combined treatment together with oral Naltrexone medication, for relapse prevention.

Our UK Clinics

Newmarket, Suffolk


Rural Newmarket location, set in a modern complex, within 1 hours distance from London.   

Private rooms appointed to executive standard, with expansive lounges and a client-only dining room.

Dalry, Scotland



Brownhill House, an 18th century manor house located in sweeping Ayrshire countryside, affords complete privacy in a safe and relaxed environment.



Our accomplished team know the signature of addiction, and many have experience of it in their own lives, or those around them. 

Every client completing Rapid Opiate Detox with Detox Plus receives the same high levels of personal attention and support through their own individual process.

Almost all staff are actively involved in the community recovery movement in different forms, and are ready to help you start your recovery journey with Rapid Opiate Detox.

Private, Discreet

At Detox Plus clinics we foster a supportive and nurturing environment in which you can complete the detox process in privacy, safety, and comfort.

– We conduct a full telephone and medical assessment to ensure Rapid Opiate Detox treatment fully meets your personal and medical needs

– We plan a custom aftercare program, especially designed for you, with or without Naltrexone medication for relapse prevention

– We facilitate emergency detox admission, where required

– We support you upon exiting the service into (e.g.) a full rehab program, mutual aid program, or therapeutic aftercare

– We can help you utilise detox as a springboard for full recovery and rehabilitation from addiction…and reclaim your life.

– With no more than 11 clients at any one time in our Detox Plus Scottish clinic, and 12 in our Newmarket clinic, we’re proud to deliver unparalleled levels of personal care from our experienced, discreet and professional staff.

Detox Plus are regularly evaluated by the care Quality Commission in England and the Care Commission in Scotland.


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