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Are you one of the millions of people who call Wales their home? Do you feel your cocaine habit is destroying your life? You want to stop, but you don’t know how. Check into one of our cocaine detox Wales centres and kick cocaine once and for all. It’s never too late. 

Wales is often called the `land of song` and is known for its affinity with music. From the harp and choir singing to be being the birthplace of recording artists like Dame Shirley Bassey and Sir Tom Jones.

Help with cocaine detox in Wales

However, for a country with a rich cultural heritage, many of its population are caught in the grip of cocaine dependency. The strong, highly addictive stimulant impacts the nervous system, giving you what can only be described as a high. Some feel powerful and invulnerable, energized and euphoric, but it is all a façade. The fact is using cocaine can have a devastating effect on your health, both physically and mentally.

Cocaine Detox Wales

The initial high soon dissipates, leaving you with a profound comedown. If you have taken large amounts of the drug over time, you could experience insufferable cravings, as well as forming a tolerance. Where, alongside combining cocaine with alcohol or another drug, could lead to an accidental overdose. You run the risk of heart trouble, heightened blood pressure, strokes, respiratory illness and in some instances, even death. This only highlights the need to undergo drug rehab to eradicate cocaine addiction from your life.

If you are ready to stop, Detox Plus UK provides the most accomplished cocaine rehab treatment, at our top-rated residential detox centres across the country. When deciding to go into rehab, you must select the perfect clinic to suit your needs. By contacting our experienced counsellors and advisors, you can receive the proper guidance and information to choose the site of your cocaine addiction treatment in Wales.

What happens in a cocaine detox Wales?

Many believe for an extensive, more personalised drug detox; you should opt for inpatient treatment in a residential rehab clinic. It allows you the opportunity to be under constant care, as you reside on the premises for the duration of your therapy, instead of only receiving treatment in the daytime and having to return home at night. By being cared for as an inpatient, you will be closely watched by the highly trained medical professionals day or night, in warm, friendly, luxurious surroundings.

Once you arrive at the rehab clinic, you will be welcomed by the staff, who will explain to you exactly what your rehabilitation treatment programme entails and what you can expect, down to the last detail. You will be thoroughly assessed this will determine a complete medical history, as well as establishing your past connection with cocaine.

Now you are all set to embark on your rehab therapy. Your first step is a full medical detox. Widely considered the crucial opening phase in an ongoing rehabilitation treatment programme. In the course of detoxification, you will decrease your intake of the drug gradually under medical conditions. You will keep on reducing the amount of drug you consume a little at a time until you have been weaned off cocaine and there are no traces of the substance in the system. You will have washed the toxin from your body. Be assured you will be under constant supervision as you undergo detoxication.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms

During this time, you will experience the inevitable symptoms of withdrawal, but, thankfully, they do not last too long, and the medical team will keep a close eye on you throughout the entire process. Those in the throes of withdrawal may experience a variety of both physiological and mental side effects. You may suffer physical signs like the chills, tremors and muscle pain, along with emotional effects like insomnia, restlessness, depression and, in some instances, even suicidal thoughts.

Unfortunately, there are no medicines to cure cocaine addiction, but there are remedies available to treat the signs of withdrawal. It is not uncommon for a patient to be prescribed antidepressants to deal with depression and you can be given sleep aids to help you get some rest. The expert nursing staff will work alongside you, offering support and observing any changes in your mental or physical condition. They will administer the medication you need, stabilize you if necessary and monitor you twenty-four hours a day during drug detox and withdrawal.

Cocaine detox and treatment programmes in Wales

After detoxication, you can move to the next level of your rehab. Focusing on the mental and emotional side of addiction by attending therapy. It can provide you with a safe environment to discuss any deep-rooted issues or concerns which could be at the core of your problems with cocaine. Whether you attend individual therapy sessions or as part of a group, it could help you uncover the clues which crack the code of your recovery.

It is also becoming more commonplace to use therapeutic techniques like cognitive-behavioural therapy when battling the destructive forces contributing to dependency. Many take cocaine to dispel negative emotions and thoughts which could consume you, but CBT can help you recognise those feelings and get rid of them, which can free your mind and remove the drive to use drugs.

During group therapy sessions you can see how your cocaine addiction affects others and how you are perceived from different viewpoints through interpersonal communication. It can help you look at your therapy from another angle.

You could also employ several holistic remedies, like mindfulness and meditation, as well as utilizing exercise, education, psychiatric care, and arts and craft amongst other therapies, which could prove an invaluable part of your ongoing rehabilitation treatment.

Cocaine Addiction Help

Be assured that, on departing drug detox, you still won’t be alone. We understand that recovery is an ongoing process which extends beyond the residential centre. So, when you go back home, you can profit from an extensive follow-up and aftercare programme — designed to keep abreast of how our recovery is progressing when you return home. By speaking to the dedicated counsellors by phone, or during face to face visits, they can monitor how you are adjusting to life after leaving the rehab clinic, which can play a crucial role in relapse prevention.

This is just an overview of the various ways Detox Plus UK can assist in your continued recovery from cocaine addiction. If you live in Wales and need help removing drugs from your life, then you have found the perfect place. Arrange to stay at your local residential centre and benefit from the most up to date drug rehab therapies across the country. We can show you how you can rebuild your life, without the influence of cocaine. It may have felt like an impossible dream, but we can help you slay that dragon. So, please get in contact for a cocaine detox in Wales It could change your life.

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