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If you or a loved one are looking for a heroin rehab or drug rehab centre in London Detox Plus, UK can help.

As a leading authority on private addiction treatment in and around the London area, Detox Plus UK has several exemplary rehab centres delivering groundbreaking heroin addiction treatment that works.

Heroin addiction is notoriously difficult to overcome and sadly many die as a result of not accessing the correct professional treatment in time. If you or a loved one have a heroin dependence or addiction, we urge you not to delay seeking help. Call us today to find out more about our CQC registered heroin rehabs and drug rehab clinics in the London and Greater London area.

Heroin rehab centres London

The road to recovery from heroin addiction starts with safely and successfully stopping the drug. Our London heroin rehab centres provide inpatient medical detox for those suffering from heroin dependence.

How you choose to detox can make all the difference to your ongoing recovery. Clinically a medical heroin rehab is proven to be the safest and most effective way.

By admitting to one of our London detox centres, you will benefit from a full medical heroin rehab using an approved pharmaceutical medication.

Whilst you are detoxing, you will be continually monitored and supported by a dedicated team of addiction treatment professionals and medical staff.

In addition to receiving regular medical reviews, you will further benefit from some light therapy delivered by some of London’s top addiction specialists. By supporting you both medically and therapeutically, you will find your heroin rehab more comfortable and learn valuable relapse prevention techniques to help you stay clean once your detox is completed.

Overcoming heroin addiction is far more complex than just removing the drug; we always recommend a full heroin rehab programme to follow on from detox.

Why London for a heroin rehab?

London, as the capital city of England, offers the latest in cutting edge heroin addiction treatment. Our London heroin rehab centres are furnished to a very high standard with comfortable and tastefully decorated ensuite rooms available. Patients can benefit from both holistic therapy and complementary therapies combined with evidence-based treatments to ensure that all aspects of their being undergo complete healing.

Our London detox clinics have a variety of facilities available to ensure your stay is comfortable. Whether you are looking for affordable heroin detox or a luxury heroin rehab centre in London, we can help.

London boasts many reasons why you should consider undergoing life-saving heroin treatment at one of our specialist clinics. It is easy to travel to and from all parts of the UK, with excellent transport links and local international airports. Detox Plus UK can also arrange for you to be collected from a London airport or train station to ensure that you arrive safely and on time.

For family and friends who wish to visit patients in our care, London offers a diverse range of activities and attractions as well as peaceful parks and bustling markets.

Undergoing a heroin rehab in London, you can also benefit from our extended care, day programmes and aftercare. This provides you with the means of continued support and treatment once your detox has finished.

What to expect during a heroin detox

Detoxing from heroin cold turkey is notoriously difficult, painful and emotionally extremely challenging. Most individuals who attempt the cold turkey method of quitting heroin end up using heroin within days of stopping.

Upon arrival at one of our London heroin rehab centres, you will receive a warm and reassuring welcome from the treatment team. You will then be introduced to one of the detox doctors or consultant psychiatrists for a comprehensive assessment.

Following an assessment of your addiction treatment needs a medical detox regime for heroin will then be prescribed. The first dose of medication will be administered as soon as you start your heroin withdrawal.

Starting off on the highest dosage of heroin substitute medication, you will be slowly weaned off the medication over a period of time until you are free from the challenging aspects of heroin withdrawal.

During your heroin rehab, our London addiction treatment experts will deliver counselling and holistic therapies, keeping you motivated, comfortable and firmly focused on completing your detox.

Benefits of a London Heroin rehab

Following detox from heroin dependence, it is strongly recommended that you undergo a full heroin rehab programme at one of our London rehabs.

All of our London rehab centres are CQC registered and able to facilitate a full inpatient heroin rehab programme under the one roof.

Benefits of attending a heroin programme at one of our London rehabs include:

  • Full medical opiate detox for heroin
  • Cared for 24/7 by a team of addiction treatment professionals
  • A bespoke heroin rehab programme consisting of evidence-based treatments
  • A safe and supportive environment conducive to healing
  • Build a supportive network of new friends in recovery
  • Free aftercare on completion of treatment

Evidence-based treatments for heroin addiction that you can access through our London rehabs include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Integrated therapy
  • Individual counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step therapy and meetings
  • Family therapy
  • Educational workshops
  • Relapse prevention
  • A range of proven holistic therapies, including meditation, mindfulness, fitness, art, music, drama, Thai Chi, yoga and more

Each treatment that is delivered within our London heroin rehabs is tailored to each patient’s individual treatment needs. We address the underlying issues that drive active heroin addiction and provide each patient with the recovery tools necessary to stay in recovery.

We also offer bespoke treatment programmes that assist our patients in reintegrating back into the community free from drugs. We can provide support in accessing education, learning life skills, building confidence and exploring avenues of work.

Individualised treatment plans

When it comes to treating heroin addiction and dependence effectively, there is no one size fits all. Our London detox centres and rehabs aim not only to safely detox you from heroin but also provide you with a new mindset and outlook on life.

Not only will you feel and look better following your heroin rehab, but by undergoing a bespoke rehab programme, you will have gained a firm foundation for your continued recovery back home.

The early days of recovery from heroin addiction can be challenging. Dealing with life on life’s terms does not come naturally or easy to most individuals that suffer from addiction. Our heroin rehab programmes in London teach you effective ways of managing your own thinking and emotions so that you no longer seek an escape from life or from yourself.


Call Detox Plus UK to find out more about our heroin London rehab centres for heroin addiction. We can arrange an urgent admission in most cases. You or your loved one could start a new life today.

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