How Rapid Opiate Detox Works

How Rapid Opiate Detox Works

Drug withdrawal symptoms is a frequent objection preventing entry into drug recovery for many

Rapid Opiate Detox seeks to resolve this via a mild-moderate sedation for the period of greatest withdrawal symptoms.

Thus patients return to full consciousness after the majority of withdrawal symptoms have passed.

How Rapid Opiate Detox works

The detox process normally lasts 10 – 14 days, depending on specifics, and 95%+ exit the service after this time opiate-free.

Process Overview

Following an initial medical assessment and history taken by our psychiatrist, the relevant paperwork is completed and sedation can begin within a few hours.

Sedation continues, and your condition is closely monitored to ensure safe levels of consciousness, optimum hydration, etc

If Naltrexone has been chosen as a post-detox treatment, a small oral dose is administered for the first time on day 4, to eradicate any remaining opiates from the system. Additional Naltrexone  is given as required on a patient by patient basis.

Following satisfactory assessment by our psychiatrist, the patient is discharged after 10 – 14 days into the care of the nominated supervisor, or directly into residential rehab or custom aftercare program as arranged.

The full detox process is supervised to ensure maximum comfort and safety.  Aftercare, sponsor, and other arrangements are agreed at the time of admission.

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