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Welcome to Detox Plus we will help you get your life back. Pointing you in the direction of the best rapid opiate detox and alcohol detox services to restart your life again.

Detox Plus based in London and Glasgow offers a wide selection of alcohol and drug rehab facilities throughout the UK. All assessed and approved to provide drug rehab care of the highest quality and outcomes of recovery. We offer an independent addiction advice service throughout the UK. Detox Plus dedicates itself to providing you with all the relevant information and treatment options for a wide range of addictions, including; alcohol addiction and drug addiction.

We can guide you through the various forms of alcohol or drug treatment available, with private residential rehabilitation. We can help you find the most effective treatment package for you. Attending a drug or alcohol rehab will help you maintain sobriety in the long term and live a balanced life post-rehab.

Our addiction treatment philosophy centres around offering evidence-based, individualised treatment solutions for individuals and families struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. With an individualised approach to addiction treatment and a comprehensive continuum of care, we heal patients and their families from a life of active addiction and alcoholism to a life of hope and healing.

We deliver comprehensive addiction treatment services in a safe and comfortable environment. Our addiction treatment services include drug and alcohol detoxification, individual and group therapy, family counselling services for both patient and family, case management, life skills training, 12 Step education, psychiatric care, individualised aftercare planning, and recovery resources designed to support patients for life. With evidence-based treatment practices at each one of our neighbourhood-based locations, we offer each patient and their family the highest quality addiction treatment services and an opportunity to heal, regain hope, rebuild and recover – for life.

Opiate and Opioid Addiction

Opiates elicit their powerful effects by activating opiate receptors that are widely distributed throughout the brain and body. read more

Opiate Treatment

Opiate Addiction often requires specialised addiction treatment because of the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with the detoxification process. read more

Rapid Opiate Detox – 10-14 Day Rapid Detox


Medical detoxification is the safe management of the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug and alcohol use. Our clinics will work with the patient to stabilise their withdrawal symptoms as well as manage any other acute medical problems. While detoxification alone does not treat addiction, for many patients it is the needed first step. Once stabilised, patients will be provided with the option of further treatment of their addiction on a rehabilitation programme, as well as follow up for any other medical problems.

Rapid Opiate Detox Centres

We are a highly recognised and respected drug treatment centre in the UK. We have a stellar reputation and are an industry leader in the field of rapid opiate detoxification. Rapid Opiate Detox is an affordable way to help free oneself from opiate drug addiction.

A short residential rehab treatment in the UK clinics forms the first part of a complete recovery program and allows active engagement in aftercare treatments such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), counselling, etc., as well as relapse prevention interventions such as Naltrexone. You can find out more on sites such as webmd.com

Rapid Opiate Detox utilises mild sedation to minimise discomfort during withdrawal, allowing patients to return to full consciousness after the majority of withdrawal symptoms have passed.

Fully supervised, the treatment is available throughout the UK and is offered as a standalone treatment, or as the root of a complete rehabilitation program customised especially for your needs.

A fast detox from opiate drugs such as heroin, methadone, or codeine.

Rapid opiate detox uses mild sedation over 10 – 14 days to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms.  After the majority of withdrawal symptoms have passed and they can continue with additional aftercare options such as therapeutic addiction work, e.g. CBT to address the psychosocial aspects of drug addiction.

When you contact Detox Plus UK, we assess your needs. We aim to place you into a UK based heroin detox and rehab clinic that’s best suited to your needs.

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