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What Is An Enabler In Alcoholism?

Out of love and fear, we do all sorts of things to protect our alcoholics. Most of the things we do, however, actually help the addiction instead. As a result, the addiction flourishes, and our loved ones get sicker. This is called enabling. Discover ways you’ve enabled the addiction and check all the behaviours you can recognize in yourself:

  • Give or lend money
  • Provide a place to live
  • Clean up after messes
  • Supply a car
  • Bailout of jail
  • Lie to cover up problems
  • Deny the addiction to others
  • Ignore or laugh at the problem
  • Argue, plead, beg, threaten, placate, or bargain
  • Put yourself in jeopardy
  • Leave minor children alone with the alcoholic
  • Take over responsibilities
  • Protect from negative consequences
  • Avoid social functions
  • Offer a job
  • Pay for school
  • Pay for alcoholic use
  • Others