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Welcome to Detox Plus UK; we will help you regain your life. Pointing you in the direction of the best drug detox and alcohol detox services to restart your life again.

Detox Plus provides information and guidance for those struggling with substance misuse. We have assessed and approved 89 alcohol rehab clinics and drug rehab centres throughout the UK and beyond. 

We offer an independent addiction advice service in London and throughout the UK. Detox Plus UK dedicates itself to providing you with all the relevant information and treatment options for alcohol abuse and drug abuse.  

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The UK's most effective treatment facilities for all types of addictions

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Our recommended treatment providers offer comprehensive and evidence-based care for substance use and co-occurring conditions to help people live out their best futures with drugs and alcohol.

“Connecting you with compassionate, patient-centred care for all types of addictions.”

The different addictions we can help with:

Rehab Locations

We help you find the best addiction treatment local to you. Phone our helpline to find out more.

Leading Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre

Has alcohol or drug addiction taken over your life or your loved one’s life?

Detox Plus UK can connect you with a rehab for alcoholism, cocaine, heroin or prescription drug detox centre that’s ideally suited to help you overcome your addiction.

The detox centres we partner with are staffed by professionals who have invested interest in your full recovery from substance misuse.

Access to Hundreds of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres

Call our alcohol and drug helpline on 0207 205 2734 or fill out the form below to speak to a professional addiction treatment counsellor for the best detox clinic in the UK.

Start your journey to freedom today and detox yourself from the mind and mood-altering alcohol or drugs.

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    Alcohol Detox

    Detox Plus UK can offer free help and advice for those suffering from Heroin, Opiates and Alcohol addiction. We know that each person and situation is unique, and not all treatment options are the same. By performing a careful and thorough assessment, we will determine the best detox clinic in the UK for you.

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    Drug Detox Centres UK

    Detox Plus UK have relationships with the best drug detox centres in the country. After your assessment, we will work to match you with the right treatment program that will deliver the best chance for success. We can provide treatment options for all kinds of drug detoxes and withdrawals, including heroin and other opiates, prescription pills, cocaine and legal/illegal highs.

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    Drug Addiction Interventions

    Intervention specialists can help direct conversation to address these co-occurring disorders Successful drug & alcohol interventions conducted by friends and family and a counsellor can help loved ones of an addict express their feelings constructively and is the focused approach needed to set an addicted person on the road to recovery.

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    Family Therapy for Drug Addiction

    Involvement of family members in alcohol, & drug addiction treatment and strong support networks of friends and colleagues is vital to successful recovery. The more the family know about the addiction and know how to offer the right support, the better the outcome for the addicted person.

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