5 reasons Why Christmas Is the Best Time To Go To Alcohol Rehab

Many people delay seeking help for an alcohol problem until after Christmas. We know this due to the heavy demand for alcohol rehab during Christmas and New Year.

January is historically a traditional time for people to give up drinking and make New Year’s resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Still, if you have an alcohol use disorder, this resolution will unlikely come to fruition without professional help and treatment.

There are many reasons why spending time in an alcohol rehab at Christmas is an excellent idea. Here, we look at why:

1 – The best gift of all

Christmas is a traditional time of giving gifts to relatives and loved ones. However, the best gift you could give your family and yourself is to undergo alcohol treatment if you need it.

At Detox Plus, we work closely with the families of those affected by alcoholism. We know that loved ones of people with an alcohol problem fear the Christmas period, and for excellent reason!

For a person suffering from alcohol addiction, Christmas and alcohol usually go together, and New Year is seen as a green light to drink even more. This can lead to dangerous levels of intoxication, which can lead to alcohol dependence and death and have a broader impact on everyone.

Admitting to treatment over the festive period, your family and loved ones will know you are safe. This will undoubtedly relieve the stress and fear they are currently feeling with the Christmas period fast approaching.

Imagine returning home after treatment, sober and looking and feeling much better! If you spend an alcohol-free Christmas in a CQC-registered treatment clinic, this could be your reality.


2 – Higher counsellor-to-patient ratio

All of our exemplary treatment clinics operate entirely over the Christmas period. 

Admitting over Christmas, there will be a higher counsellor-to-patient ratio with a more peaceful and intimate feel. As a patient, you would fully benefit from this.

All of the rehabs limit the number of patients admitted to ensure patient safety and ensure that the highest levels of treatment and support can be delivered.

Deaths in Scotland related to alcohol rose dramatically last year as drinkers increased their intake during Covid lockdowns. Alcohol-specific deaths increased by 17 per cent in 2020 to the highest level in over a decade.

This means providing earlier treatment and support where it is needed.

3 – Stress-free Christmas

Let’s face it: Christmas is a tough time for many. Not everyone enjoys the Christmas period. It can be immensely stressful trying to accommodate everyone and prepare everything. For some, it means a time of loneliness like no other. Not everyone has a family to celebrate with.

Most who suffer from alcoholism binge drink at Christmas and isolate themselves from family and friends. Drinking is no longer fun or a choice; it becomes an obsession and compulsion.

Whether you are planning on spending the festive time alone or with family and have a problem with alcohol, spending time in treatment to concentrate on yourself will take all the stress and loneliness away from the Christmas period.

In rehab, you will never be alone and receive high support and bespoke treatments from our multidisciplinary teams of professionals.

Undergoing treatment also doesn’t need to cost the earth. Alongside our luxury alcohol rehabs, we also have top quality, fully CQC registered cheaper options for those on a budget.

4 – New year – New you!

Not everyone can turn their lives around or make a change without professional help. Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive brain disease characterised by relapse and continuation despite adverse consequences. A person with alcoholism will be compelled to drink alcohol and eat, sleep and feel that they need to breathe alcohol.

Alcohol to an alcoholic is a necessity, not a choice. They are compelled to drink even when they don’t want to. Alcohol treatment has advanced hugely in recent years as we know so much more about the nature of the illness and how to treat it successfully.

You will undergo intensive and bespoke evidence-based treatments targeted to treat every part of you.

Where an alcohol dependence is identified, our doctors and nurses will ensure you undergo a full medical alcohol detox that is safe and comfortable with 24/7 support.

Following detoxification, you will then have the opportunity to undergo a personalised alcohol rehabilitation programme to help heal the past and enable you to continue living an alcohol-free life.

5 – Time out for you

Christmas is the one time when nearly everyone can take time out of hectic schedules and work with family. Of course, there are some exceptions, but with additional bank holidays and time off work, many people could easily take 2 to 3 weeks to undergo treatment without raising suspicion.

We take our patient’s confidentiality extremely seriously. No one needs to know about your admission unless you want them to or unless we feel an exceptional need.

Christmas and the New Year are ideal times to take time out and concentrate on yourself, finally accessing lifesaving and life-changing alcohol treatment.

What to expect in rehab over Christmas

Just because we provide first-class medical and professional care does not mean that clinics do not celebrate Christmas. All rehabs go over and above to ensure that guests have the best Christmas possible under the given circumstances.

Christmas is traditionally celebrated in rehab with food, decorations, films, games and music. It’s still Christmas, but without the booze and temptation of drugs.

Within the peaceful and nurturing environment, you will have the time and space to recuperate with the correct care and treatment.

We also understand that this time of year is traditionally a time for family for most people. We specialise in reuniting families and supporting them in building healthier and stronger relationships. In addition to regularly scheduled visiting times, you can speak to family and loved ones on Christmas day if this is your wish.

Christmas recovery retreats 

It is not only those currently struggling with active alcoholism who benefit from rehab but also those who feel vulnerable in their recovery.

Christmas is a notoriously tricky time of year for many reasons and even more so for those in recovery.

Many of our treatment centres run retreats that sober guests can attend. As well as undergoing professional therapy to strengthen your sobriety or reboot your recovery, you will never be alone and have all the support you need to get you through the festive period sober.

If you are recovering from alcoholism and fear for your sanity or sobriety, why not take the stress off and come and stay with us over the Christmas period, where you will be safe and nurtured?

For more information or to arrange admission to one of our top-quality, reputable alcohol rehabs, call and speak to a member of our professional team of friendly experts.