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What Is NAD Therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, abbreviated as NAD, is a natural co-enzyme that has been shown in studies to aid in cell regeneration, manage metabolism and reduce withdrawal cravings in people with addictions. Put simply, this means NAD in medical terms is a treatment that improves patients’ health, gives them more energy and reduces and takes away cravings when they detox.

As a person abuses drugs and alcohol, their natural amount of NAD is depleted. There is widespread agreement amongst those in the addiction treatment field that several factors are involved in creating an addiction. Neurobiology is a significant part, and many studies have looked at scans of addicted people’s brains to determine what receptors are responsible for addiction. Studies of the brains of addicted people who have been given NAD treatment have yielded fascinating results.

NAD medical treatment, how does it work?

NAD therapy has been used to treat various health issues since the 1960s, from tuberculosis to depression. Results of trials for specific medical problems have been varied. supportive data has been found in recent years results from trials with immunosuppressants, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties. The same can be said for recent studies in addition and cravings research. NAD is undoubtedly an up-and-coming therapy in this field, and there is hope among the experts that it may offer a quick and effective alternative to current medical detox.

NAD is referred to as the energy molecule which replenishes the mitochondria which is the battery like stage nucleus of every single cell of which the human body has between 30 to 40 trillion.

The interesting thing about NAD is that, as with many treatments that have been around for many years for their effectiveness, scientists and doctors are not entirely sure why it does what it does. This is the case for many medicines you might take for granted, such as penicillin, the mechanism of how it works was only discovered in 2020. Similarly, NAD’s results in medical tests have been used to determine where and when it can be useful. It is most recently being studied by Harvard University for its role in ageing and slowing the ageing process.

How Long does NAD treatment take?

A single NAD IV session will take anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours, and this will depend on your specific condition and goals. These will be decided in advance during your consultation with the clinic you attend. Most of those using NAD IV for detox will attend daily treatment for around two weeks or less. This will depend on how your withdrawal is and your own personal needs and reactions.

NAD IV Therapy vs Supplements

NAD is generally available in two forms dietary supplements and IV injections. The supplements are available in capsules and easily bought in health shops and online. These capsules must pass through your digestive system first, which means a small and undeterminable amount will go into your system. However, the effectiveness of the active ingredients in supplements is much lower than in injected infusions.

On the other hand, NAD IV therapy goes directly into your system, and the effects can be instantaneous. You will also know exactly how much is absorbed into your system, and this makes the course of NAD easier to monitor and control. NAD IV treatment is more expensive than supplements, and you must make sure you receive this treatment in a reputable and licenced facility from qualified staff.

NAD and Cravings

There are several theories regarding NAD and addiction. There is a school of thought that it binds to receptors associated with opiates and prevents cravings this way. Others think that the boost in general health from cell regeneration and energy boost from its effect on metabolism counteract several of the most challenging parts of withdrawal.

Studies show that around 70% of those using NAD therapy for addiction or withdrawal from addictive substances such as alcohol and opiates felt significant relief compared with previous attempts at detox. Many people reported an improvement in their general health, which had been damaged by years of malnutrition substance abuse. All people in each case reported they felt more energetic and slept better after NAD treatment for addiction.

As with medical detox as a whole, NAD’s reduction in cravings leads to a much higher rate of continued recovery and reduces the number of relapses. Detox can be an emotional and frightening prospect to those with an addiction. Already overwhelmed with stress and lifestyle challenges, withdrawal can put up a barrier to seeking help for addiction.

NAD and Energy

NAD, the co-enzyme Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide itself, has been shown to improve the energy level of those undergoing a treatment program. Patients reported feeling they have significantly more energy than usual despite undergoing detox and withdrawal. Scientists believe this to be due to NAD’s effect on the mitochondria, which are involved in the storage and production of energy. This is one of the better-understood areas of NAD therapy as it has been used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome with excellent results.

NAD and Stress and Depression

Those with decreased levels of NAD in their body have been shown to struggle more with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders in medical studies. NAD has been used in studies and the treatment of mental health disorders for this reason. Many of those struggling with addiction also experience mental health challenges. Alleviating these can ease the transformation into recovery and improve your general wellbeing and happiness.


NAD IV therapy has been used to help those struggling with addiction for over sixty years, and research is ongoing into the benefits it can provide. As a holistic therapy, it can help those in rehab and detox programs with many side effects of withdrawal and general physical and mental health. It is best used alongside a robust rehab program with psychological and lifestyle counselling. It may also be considered as part of your ongoing aftercare.

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