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Christian rehabs: How they work and how to find one

Among the many different types of drug and alcohol rehab available in the UK, some are Christian rehabs.

Christian rehabilitation centres focus on helping people recover from addiction by applying the Christian faith and teachings of the Holy Bible.

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For a long time, spirituality has been a recognised component of addiction treatment. It is prevalent in 12-step recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Some people who want to take the 12-step approach to addiction recovery and consider themselves Christians would choose a Christian rehab. This may be their preferred route of addiction treatment.

They may wish to learn how they can apply the principles of their faith to their recovery and develop a closer relationship with their Christian God and Jesus.

The 3 Types of Christian Rehab

Three types of drug and alcohol rehab are associated with the Christian faith. It is essential to know the difference so that you choose a rehab aligned with your beliefs and treatment needs.

The three types of Christian drug and alcohol rehabs are:

  • Traditional
  • Faith-based only
  • 12 step rehabs


Traditional Christian rehabs offer all the benefits as any other CQC registered treatment centre, except their teachings surround Christianity.

These rehabs offer medical care provided by doctors and nurses.

They also provide psychological treatment delivered by qualified therapists and a recovery programme based on the teachings of the Bible.

A traditional Christian rehab is best suited to someone who needs appropriate psychological treatment and a medical detox.

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Faith-based Christian Rehabs

Faith-based-only Christian rehabs offer a different environment from traditional and secular rehabs. Local and regional churches usually own these drug and alcohol rehabs and apply treatment purely from a religious aspect.

They use the teachings of the Holy Bible to overcome addiction and emphasise a connection with the Holy Spirit.

Faith-based treatment centres are best suited to a person who already has a Christian faith and wants to apply the principles of their faith to their addiction. They are unsuitable for anyone who needs a medical detox or suffers from a dual diagnosis.

12 Step Rehabs

Numerous rehabs employ the 12-step approach to treating addiction. These rehabs also provide professional medical care and psychological treatment for addiction. In addition to the 12-step programme, patients are treated physically, mentally and spiritually.

Alcoholics Anonymous originally founded the 12-step program. It is a spiritual recovery programme which encourages participants to find their understanding of God.

Because the 12-step is not affiliated with any sect, domination or religion, those with the Christian faith can apply their Christian God to their recovery. The same applies to any other faith or religion. “God”, as outlined in the 12 steps, is a person’s individual choice, understanding or concept of a higher power.

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The Benefits of Christian Rehabs

Christian rehab has many advantages for someone seeking a rehab that aligns with their religious Christian beliefs. These rehabs are particularly beneficial to someone who wants to grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible and its teachings.

Christian rehabs teach participants to submit to and have faith in the Christian God and Jesus to overcome their addiction. The same principles are applied to their behaviours and their life. Furthermore, an emphasis is placed on serving God, which provides a recovering addict or alcoholic with a vital sense of purpose.

Spirituality and having a purpose in life have been shown to reduce depressive symptoms and addictive behaviours. This is why so many rehabilitation programmes stress the importance of helping others.

A secular rehab clinic has no association with religion or spirituality. Following a detox and rehabilitation programme at a secular clinic, a patient will return to society with science-based recovery tools. However, they may well struggle to find a purpose in life. Christian rehabs teach a sense of purpose in that each participant serves their Christian God and helps their fellows, following on from their rehabilitation.

Many who attend a Christian rehab will go on to serve others through local church outreach programmes, serve as missionaries abroad or work with the underprivileged. Through Christain-based rehabilitation, they find a life-long purpose already established before they leave the treatment centre environment.

Further benefits of Christian rehabs for Christians include:

  • Some faith-based Christian rehabs will be free of charge or partially funded as Christian churches finance them
  • A person of Christian faith can learn more about the Bible and how to apply its teachings to their life
  • Instils a sense of lifelong purpose and direction
  • Fosters discipline and restores faith
  • Provides a network of Christian support and aftercare following the completion of treatment
  • Separates the person from their addiction and environment so that they can focus solely on their recovery and their relationship with Christ.

Whilst many Christian rehabs provide free addiction treatment, this does not mean they are suitable for just anybody. These free Christian rehab centres will often only accept people referred to them by their churches or willing to devote their lives to Christ.

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Who benefits from attending a Christian rehab?

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, beliefs or education. Addiction is not a moral failing. However, some schools of thought may consider addiction a spiritual failing. People who typically attend Christian rehabs will seek to grow in their spirituality and faith to overcome addiction.

Hope and belief in the transformative power of healing are essential to the process. For those who already believe in Christianity and want to take this further, it would make sense for them to attend a Christian drug and alcohol rehab over a secular rehab.

However, Christian rehabs are not for everyone. For instance, some Christian rehabs require participants to stop smoking and give up their problematic substances. They can have strict regulations that some people would struggle to adhere to. They are probably not suitable for a person who considers themself an atheist or has a closed mind to the concept of a Christian God.

On the other hand, these treatment centres work exceptionally well for Christians who have an addiction and are willing to devote their lives to Christ.

How to find Christian rehabs

Faith-based-only Christian rehabs can usually only be accessed by attending your local Church group. You will need to approach your Church Minister and ask if they know of any rehabs or can look into it for you. Most Ministers will be happy to help you find a suitable rehab.

If you are open to attending a traditional or 12-step-based rehab, the good news is that there are many in the UK and abroad. These rehabs are also CQC registered, meaning they have had to meet very high medical and therapeutic care standards to be qualified to practice.

The benefits of attending a CQC inpatient Christian rehab include the following:

  • A complete medical drug and alcohol detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • A bespoke rehabilitation treatment programme
  • 24/7 care delivered by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, including doctors, nurses, counsellors, therapists and support workers
  • Bespoke aftercare programme
  • A treatment programme that emphasises relying on a higher power or God of your choosing.

Need a Christian rehab?

Perhaps you are reading this page because you need to access a Christian rehab immediately. Or, maybe you have an addiction problem and want help that aligns with your faith and beliefs. Whatever your reason for finding a Christian rehab, it is an essential first step.

The next step is to find the right treatment programme and rehab that will give you the best long-term outcome for your recovery.

Detox Plus UK has many rehabs and detox clinics that teach principles aligned with the Christian faith. Furthermore, all our drug and alcohol rehab clinics are CQC-registered and run by a team of professionals. We can help you find a treatment centre that will help grow your faith and treat every aspect of you as an individual.

Our treatment centres treat our patients holistically. This means they deliver evidence-based treatments that address each person’s physical, mental, emotional, occupational and spiritual aspects.

We are here to listen to your story and wishes regarding rehab treatment. Our trained advisors will take a detailed assessment of your treatment preferences and need to find the best solution. We can also make all the arrangements for admission and help you make decisions that are in your best interests.

Call us now to learn more about our rehabs and how we can help you get the needed help and treatment.


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