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About the Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Essex

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Essex offers those struggling with addiction peaceful and comfortable surroundings, ideal for recovery. A beautiful, quiet garden and beach walks are on your doorstep, giving you ample opportunity to be active and enjoy quiet moments of contemplation to aid your recovery. The expert staff in the drug and alcohol rehab in Essex rehab are dedicated to helping you to recover not only in body but also in mind and spirit as well. Addiction can affect us in all three, but with the right counselling and support, you can find the things that truly make you happy again.

Rehab treatment in Essex

The drug and alcohol rehab in Essex is focussed on a holistic approach to treatment. A wide range of addictions can be remedied here including alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal). This means that your addiction treatment will be about much more than just the physical symptoms, that is only the first step. Rebuilding the body, mind and spirit is at the heart of all of the treatments available at this centre.

The first step is a full medical detox prescribed and supervised by an addiction doctor with support from the centres’ well-trained staff. The symptoms of withdrawal can be challenging and painful to deal with without medication. Medical detox uses carefully selected medication to ease the symptoms and manage the physical effects on your body. For this reason, addiction detox without medication is not recommended. The detox period usually lasts around one week and once it is complete clients can begin to rebuild themselves as a clean and sober person through therapy with the centre’s councillors.

The drug and alcohol rehab in Essex specialises in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, recognised by the NHS and other health bodies as the best way to help those with addiction issues. CBT treatment is given by trained, qualified addiction councillors and helps you deal with the destructive thoughts and feelings that lead to addiction and self-destructive behaviour. Looking to build new, healthy thought patterns and a positive self-image is vital in dealing with addiction and its effects on your life.

Cognitive Behaviour Treatment helps those suffering from addiction to deal with the intellectual and emotional side of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. However, in our Essex rehab centre, there is also a focus on the physical health side of addiction. The body and mind are profoundly linked hence, the saying ‘healthy body healthy mind’. The Essex rehab program offers an optional fitness regime in a gym close by and yoga sessions to practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Clients are encouraged to take part in beach walks and make use of the garden area of the centre as well.

The final and vital part of your addiction treatment is the aftercare program. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can give former addicts a new lease of life and help to restore their sense of self and wellbeing. This means that returning home from our Essex rehab centre can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Returning to familiar surroundings and loved ones clean and sober is a great comfort but also a situation that brings back some of the things that led you to addiction in the first place. The support of aftercare groups and knowing there is always someone available to talk to, helps to bolster your confidence and prevent relapses. Even if you are not in the local area, our Essex rehab staff will provide you with support and help you find local recovery groups.

Facilities in the drug and alcohol rehab in Essex

The addiction centre is residential, and there are various options depending on your personal preferences and budget. Rest and time and space for recovery is vital when dealing with an addiction and so the rooms are all light, airy with a high comfort level. Depending on whether you prefer to share or have your own space, there are twin and single rooms. Sharing offers strong support and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness. The twin rooms have both ensuite and shared bathroom facilities and single private rooms use the shared facilities. For those who are looking for an even higher standard of accommodation, there are also two single luxury rooms with private bathroom facilities available.

One of the most important ideas, when taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment, is the positive and sociable activities available. This is where our Essex rehab centre really shines. There is a wide range of optional activities in this space including beach days, walks and group barbeques. Finding new interests and making friends can help combat the isolation and emptiness left by many addictions. The communal areas include a group room and relaxation room for those who are looking for socialisation or simply a quiet time watching television or reading. The separate dining area is perfect for group meals, and all food is prepared by the in-house chef with health and nutrition for recovery in mind.

Frequently asked questions about the Essex rehab.

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Most clients stay for a full detox and addiction recovery program which can take from a month to three months. This will depend on your motivation to get clean and sober and when you and the counsellors feel you are ready to return home.

Can I use my phone in the Essex rehab centre?

The drug and alcohol rehab in Essex allows clients use of their phones and the centre’s WIFI when they are relaxing in the evening, provided they do not allow it to interfere with their addiction treatment. It is important to keep in touch with family and friends during your stay however phone use is discouraged during your first week as you will need to be focussed on your recovery process at this time.

Can my family visit me in the Essex rehab centre?

Yes, family and loved ones are encouraged to visit at the allotted times to provide support and involvement in your recovery.

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