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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Sussex

Nestled in a quiet residential suburb, the drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex offers those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction a luxurious safe haven to recover. The centre is fully residential within a large, comfortable suburban home where all a client’s needs will be catered for by the experienced and hospitable staff. The rehabilitation treatment in the West Sussex rehab clinic is well-rounded, and their carefully tailored program gives clients the very best support while they deal with and recover from their addiction.

Rehab West Sussex

Rehab treatment in the West Sussex rehab centre

Modern addiction treatment is focussed on the recovery of the entire person, and to this end, a holistic approach towards addiction as part of body, mind and spirit is an essential part of rehabilitation. Building on the solid foundation of the established 12-step program of recovery, the West Sussex rehab centre helps clients to rebuild all of the healthy and positive aspects of their lives. One-to-one sessions and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) help to establish the thought patterns and feelings that lead people into drug and alcohol addiction. The drug and alcohol rehab West Sussex counsellors are all experienced in CBT and the dual diagnosis and treatment of those with both an addiction problem and associated mental health issues.

Group sessions are offered in addition to one-to-one therapy at the West Sussex rehab clinic. These sessions allow those struggling with addiction to share their experiences, thoughts and concerns with others in a similar position. This can help to improve clients’ understanding of their own addictions and ease feelings of being alone. Working together in groups to support each other can also help to introduce people to the sharing coping mechanism used by the AA, NA and other sobriety organisations.

In groups, clients can also take part in art therapy sessions. These help with expressing feelings through alternative mediums and allow people suffering from addiction to reflect and relax. Similarly, meditation sessions are held in the rehab centre each morning to help clients to practice mindfulness, rest and prepare themselves for the day.

The time when clients depart the drug and alcohol rehab Sussex and return to their lives clean and sober is a happy one that also brings its own challenges. To help support you and keep you on the clean and sober path, a year of aftercare is also provided by the West Sussex rehab clinic. This includes telephone help available and group meetings where those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction can continue to feel supported and understood as a community. A rehabilitation counsellor will also be present at the group meetings to guide the attendees.

Facilities in drug and alcohol rehab 

Being based in a centre that is fully integrated means that clients can enjoy home-like comforts as well as the full facilities of a rehab clinic. All of the treatments rooms and facilities in the West Sussex rehab clinic are located in the same building as the accommodation giving clients seclusion and privacy during their recovery. The rooms are clean, comfortable and tastefully decorated with both double and single beds available the perfect place to rest and recover body and mind.

In the interest of recovering both body and mind the drug and alcohol rehab in West Sussex has its own gym for clients to use once they have completed their medical detox. Those who prefer gentler exercise have the option of taking relaxing walks in the surrounding area with others from the rehab centre. Spending time in the quiet green surroundings of the West Sussex rehab centre is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature and reflect. To support these healthier life choices, the rehab plan you receive will include nutrition advice. Letting go of care for personal appearance and health is a common side-effect of alcohol and drug addiction and something that needs to be rectified during treatment. The West Sussex rehab clinic’s in-house chef will prepare healthy nutritious meals for all clients specific to their dietary requirements and nutritional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about the West Sussex rehab centre

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

The answer to this question will depend on your own needs and personal situation. Those who come for a medical detox from drugs or alcohol will find it takes around a week or longer to remove the chemicals from their system. The West Sussex rehab clinic recommends that once the medical detox is complete, those suffering from addiction take part in secondary treatment that leads them towards the resolution of their addiction and into a clean and sober lifestyle. Residential stays for secondary treatment can last from a month to several months, depending on the client’s condition and progress.

Can I use my phone in a rehab centre?

Using your phone and any other electronic devices is something that can keep you connected with family and friends during your stay. However, it can also be a distraction and keep those suffering from addiction connected to their troubles and difficulties outside of the clinic. Once the initial medical detox period is finished, phones and computers can be used outside of treatment times. Together with your counsellors, you can make a sensible decision about whether it is in your best interests to make use of these devices during your stay.

Can my family visit me in a rehab centre?

The vital support that family, close friends and loved ones can provide is invaluable in recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. For many people, there are also unresolved issues with those around them, which can be addressed in a safe emotional space in the rehab clinic. To this end, the West Sussex rehab centre offers each weekend, a family therapy session where loved ones can come and join in the recovery process. These sessions are led by experienced counsellors who can help families to rebuild relationships, resolve issues and develop a support network to help protect those suffering from addiction from future relapses.

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