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About Rapid Opiate Detox

The rapid opiate detox is considered by many to be the first step on the road to recovery. It is a widely-used treatment for addiction to opiate drugs like heroin, methadone or codeine. The rapid opiate detox can cleanse harmful substances from the body by detoxification without the need for anaesthetic. A heroin detox can be completed within 10 to 14 days, which sets it apart from an ultra-rapid detox, which lasts 5 days.  Find below some more FAQ about rapid opiate detox.


You can be assured if you choose to undertake rapid opioid detox, it has seen more than 95% of patients having completed the detox leave the service entirely free of opiates. It is justifiably regarded among the most consistently successful drug detox treatments available. It is not hard to see why the rapid opiate detox is considered the perfect opening step of your rehab, to prepare you for the next stage of your ongoing recovery.


Those struggling with drug addiction who wish to undergo detoxification can choose to have a rapid opiate detox, available at both the Detox Plus Scotland and England locations, We guarantee you will be under the finest possible care. You will be under constant supervision by our expert staff as you proceed with your detox in the most comfortable, soothing surroundings. Our cutting-edge residential clinics are the ideal site for a rapid opiate detox, to eradicate the various symptoms of withdrawal in the perfect location.


It is generally not necessary to redo the rapid opiate detox on its completion. This is assuming the patient does not suffer a relapse following their discharge. However, it is not a mandatory requirement for the detox process to be repeated. In a great many cases, certain medications are prescribed as part of aftercare treatment, such as opiate blockers and Subutex. There have also been numerous incidences of recovering addicts using naltrexone implants to aid in their recovery. If Naltrexone oral tablets have been chosen instead, they will be taken for at least a year after the patient has left the rehab clinic and gone home.


We ascertain that the rapid opiate detox is carried out without anaesthetic and will be performed while the patient is under mild to moderate sedation. However, levels of sedation will vary and be closely monitored and adjusted throughout the detox process. It can be based on various considerations, such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs and sedation dosage may be amended as required.


Patients may feel mild flu-like symptoms for the first to the second week following detox, but these generally clear up inside a month at the most of being discharged.

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