5-Day Rapid Opiate Detox

The Cygnet Health Group used to offer a 5-day accelerated rapid opiate detox, but it has not now available in the United Kingdom. However, we at Detox Plus can provide a compressive 10-day and 14-day heroin detox, allowing you to conquer addiction for good.

Detox Plus UK has always been on the cutting edge of alcohol and drug treatment. We are dedicated to helping people say goodbye to addiction through our various heroin detox programmes. If you wish to be free of dependency to alcohol and heroin and opiate drugs, among other substances, then get in touch with Detox Plus.

We will support you through the entire opiate detox process and can familiarise you with the latest drug detox treatments. For instance, there are many different kinds of rapid detox on offer and some treatments may incorporate an opiate blocker or opioids such as Subutex or methadone.

Your treatment will start off with an initial assessment and a thorough medical examination performed by the clinic’s psychiatric addiction specialists. You can be assured they will carry out long-term supervised support during your stay. Our clinics will afford our clients the foremost psycho-educational direction and counselling in the course of your treatment. We can help you get to the root of your addiction. You can be certain that, when your rehab programme is over, we can arrange for you to have a naltrexone implant at a clinic close to the treatment centre.

Opiate Detox Treatment

This is the kind of in-depth care you can expect from Detox Plus UK. We have been assisting clients with rapid opiate detox and alcohol detox treatment for more than 15 years. Our protocols have received positive feedback from clients and are renowned for minimising the symptoms of alcohol and opiate withdrawal. We offer a residential programme for opioids which you can discuss with our qualified addiction treatment counsellors. They will use their vast experience to advise you and recommend the perfect opiate detox to meet your needs.

If you come to our addiction clinics, we can help you deal with a wide range of issues where, apart from carrying out the latest opioid treatment, we also offer alcohol rehab to set you on the path to recovery. Patients can also visit a naltrexone clinic to receive a naltrexone implant or oral naltrexone tablet, to assist you in your goal of conquering opioid and alcohol addiction once and for all.


5 day rapid opiate detox

Our Admission Process

However, before being admitted to a naltrexone clinic, you must have a clean bill of health and opiate free. You must provide a clean drug and alcohol test before the implant is administered. We can arrange to carry out the test at one of our addiction clinics. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to call. Our staff counsellors know what it is like to live with addiction. They have been there themselves and can bring that knowledge and empathy to help people going through drug or alcohol rehab. If you would like to know more about the various detox treatments available, from a 10 to a 14-day heroin detox, then please get in touch. We are waiting for your call.


Opiates faq

How long do opiates stay in your system?
The half-life for opiates can range from 1-9 hours, depending on how much you take and which type. For instance, the half-life of morphine is 1.5-6.5 hours, the half-life of codeine is 1-4 hours, and the half-life of hydrocodone is 3.5-9 hours The amount of time that opiates can be detected in your system relies on the type of test.
What happens when you mix alcohol with opiates?
Both opiates and alcohol depress the activity of the central nervous system, slowing breathing and heart rate. When taken together, the effects of these substances only increase, slowing breathing and heart rate down dangerously and depriving essential parts of the body of oxygen. Without an adequate amount of oxygen, essential organ systems begin to shut down. This can cause brain damage, or worse, death. Ingestion of opiates and alcohol also leads to loss of balance and coordination, increasing the risk of severe falls and rendering normal activities like driving deadly.
Can heroin abuse cause diabetes?

Some research implies that regular consumption of heroin can have an impact upon the pancreas which can cause hyperglycaemia; more studies are underway in order to establish the nature of this relationship.

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