What Is Naltrexone?

Naltrexone is an antagonist drug typically used following opiate detox to prevent relapse.

Naltrexone works on the brain and nervous system to prevent the euphoric feelings or “high” associated with opiate drug use, thus discouraging future relapse.

Detox Plus can now provide Rapid Opiate Detox treatment at our residential UK clinics, followed by oral Naltrexone treatment provided by

The Naltrexone Clinic.

Taken orally, and best suited for those who have (e.g. relapsed into drug use previously, or those who need the increased reassurance of a relapse prevention treatment, Naltrexone:

– Blocks the positive feelings and associations tied to opiate drug use,

– Thus helping prevent future relapse,

– Helping reduce physical/chemical dependence on opiates over time

How Does Naltrexone Work?
Naltrexone works as a chemical antagonist – blocking the receptors of nerve sites in the brain and nervous system normally affected by opiate drugs.

If attempting to use drugs while also undergoing Naltrexone treatment, the normal feelings of euphoria are absent, and therefore the desire to use drugs can decrease over time.

Important: Naltrexone treatment must always be undertaken only after a full detox has been completed, usually lasting 5-10 days.

In this way, the Rapid Opiate Detox treatment offered by Detox Plus, and Naltrexone treatment provided by The Naltrexone Clinic, combine to offer the strongest possible start to your recovery journey.

How Is Naltrexone Administered?

Naltrexone is usually taken orally, each day, under supervision by a nominated supervisor or carer. Dosage varies, and is determined following assessment by our clinic doctor.

Naltrexone usage usually continues for a minimum of 12 months, usually 24 months, after detoxification has been completed.

In addition to Naltrexone, patients are encouraged to seek further counselling and therapeutic help, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help address the underlying drivers of addiction whilst also addressing the chemical effects of addiction via Naltrexone.

Additional aftercare options can be arranged on an outpatient basis, on request.

What Are The Requirements For Naltrexone Treatment?

Before Naltrexone treatment can begin, individuals must have undergone a full opiate detoxification, and be “clean” and free from drug use.

Nominated carers must be recorded ad available to supervise consumption of daily Naltrexone doses.

Co-ordination of payment, admission, and Naltrexone treatment itself are carried out by our partners The Naltrexone Clinic


How To Get Started With Naltrexone

Naltrexone treatment is most often arranged at the point of admission for opiate detox treatment, and therefore can be co-ordinated by Detox Plus with The Naltrexone Clinic, on your behalf.

Equally, Naltrexone treatment can be started directly with the Naltrexone Clinic.

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