Is Lyrica Addictive?

Lyrica Addiction and Abuse

Here, we will look at answering questions like “What is Lyrica?” and “Is Lyrica addictive?” Let’s find out. 

One side effect is that it relaxes the patient and produces a sense of euphoria. That dopamine rush can contribute to a sense of dependence, among other issues. 

Lyrica is addictive when used outside of the guidelines set by a physician. It’s not difficult to develop an addiction to Lyrica. Sometimes, people get addicted to it even when they use it as prescribed. 

This is the case with a lot of pain medication, whether or not the individual uses it in the way they’re supposed to. The feeling of relaxation and euphoria is a direct result of the dopamine rush that the drug produces. 

Your muscles are relaxed, you’re flooded with pleasure, and the feeling is something you can rely on while going through serious health issues. When it’s time to get off the medication, the challenges begin. 

Lyrica drug abuse leads to very intense withdrawals. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

Quitting Lyrica suddenly can produce several very uncomfortable symptoms. Some Lyrica deaths are attributed to the intensity and pain of the withdrawals. 

The symptoms are similar to opiates and alcohol, typically requiring professional monitoring as the process unfolds. You can expect potential seizures, confusion, depression, anxiety, headaches, urges, changes in mood, and nausea. It’s possible that you would experience other symptoms as well. 

It’s also important to be aware of the overdose Lyrica can cause. Individuals who relapse on the drug and return to their previous use rate might experience an overdose. 

As your tolerance decreases while you recover, the impact that your previous rate of use would have increases. Sometimes, your old dosage would be too much for your body to handle and cause fatalities. 

How to Recover The Healthy Way

The best thing to do if you’re experiencing addiction to the Lyrica drug is to seek treatment. Professional treatment offers the stability and comfort needed to work through withdrawals safely. 

Trying to quit cold turkey or suffering withdrawals without supervision could be dangerous. As we noted, withdrawals can cause complications and lead to death. 

Because Lyrica isn’t a well-known addictive drug, seeking recovery treatment doesn’t make it any less valid. If you’re having an issue, it’s worth getting help; we’re here to help. 

Need Treatment for Lyrica Addiction?

So not only is Lyrica addictive, but it’s also dangerous. Getting help for a Lyrica addiction is essential to your safety and well-being.

We’re here to help you move in the right direction and get healthy againContact us for more insight into recovery, rehab options, pricing, and answers to any questions.