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How do you cure a fentanyl addiction?

Please discuss with our addiction advisors the method of treatment method that will best suit your recovery. Each type of treatment has its own advantages to benefit your recovery. At Detox Plus UK, our counsellors are always available to discuss....

Is it safe to use fentanyl that my doctor prescribed for me?

Yes, it safe to use fentanyl that a doctor prescribed for if you use it as prescribed. Take caution if you are also using other substances which may suppress breathing, like alcohol and benzodiazepines (like Librium and Valium), or other....

How is illicitly manufactured fentanyl being sold?

It can in pill form sold as fake Oxycodone and other club drugs or powder form sold as heroin, or fentanyl powder form mixed into other drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, and on blotter papers disguised as “blotter LSD”.
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