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Alcohol Rehab CheshireAbout the Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cheshire

A perfect blend of privacy and a lively sociable atmosphere, the drug & alcohol rehab in Cheshire is warmly spoken of by former residents for its ‘feel-good’ factor, as well as its excellent staff.

The rehab centre in the Cheshire region is located on a quiet street, only a short distance from the town centre. There is a bright and well-kept central courtyard with a grassy area and picnic tables for residents to enjoy. The clinic staff are experts in the seamless treatment of those with drug and alcohol problems in conjunction with any mental health issues. Those who choose to stay here will find the treatment options, and the motivational atmosphere is more than a match for the most high-end rehab clinics.

Rehab treatment the Cheshire rehabilitation centre

The Cheshire rehab clinic is fully residential and able to offer both primary and secondary care to its residents. The primary objective of entry to the rehab centre is to remove the addictive substances from the body. Many people suffering from addiction are concerned about the physical symptoms of detoxing from alcohol or drugs, perhaps having tried to go ‘cold turkey’ before. The Cheshire rehabilitation centre offers a better, safer alternative to straight withdrawal, in the form of medical detox. Prescribed medicines, specific to the addiction, can be given to clients to make the detox process as comfortable and easy as possible. In consultation with those who are newly admitted, a detox doctor and counsellor will make a medical detox and recovery plan tailored to each individual.

Cheshire rehabilitation centre

These tailored plans will continue into the recovery phase and be revised and updated as residents progress. The Cheshire rehab centre is able to offer dual diagnosis and so is particularly beneficial to those who are suffering from not only addiction but also associated mental health issues. The treatment of those who are suffering from both of these issues is Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. The root of this therapy is in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), one of the best-known treatment methods in addiction circles. CBT helps those suffering from addiction to identify and re-shape the thought patterns and feelings that lead them to abuse their bodies and minds with addictive substances. Dialectic Behaviour Therapy addresses not only these issues but similar destructive patterns that lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

One of the key factors in the recovery of mental health and embarking on freedom from addiction is a strong support network. The Cheshire rehabilitation centre offers both one-on-one and group therapy in order to build this network and encourage the sharing, and mutual support system tried and tested by the AA and NA to great success. Spending time with others who are also suffering from similar issues can ease the feelings of loneliness and help with healthy relationship building. For this reason, many of the staff at the Cheshire rehab clinic are people who have also suffered from addiction and chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others.

Residential Addiction Treatment In Cheshire

With the aim of creating a strong atmosphere of support, balanced with personal privacy, the Cheshire rehabilitation centre offers both private and shared rooms. Those who prefer to spend their time alone resting and relaxing will find well-decorated and comfortable single rooms. For those who prefer company and support from others recovering from addiction, shared rooms are ideal. The clinic is sizable and has 34 residential spaces available at a time, making it ideal for quick admissions and longer stays. With longer stays, some clients find that spending time in supported housing after leaving the rehab clinic is a natural step back into normal life. The Cheshire rehab clinic offers such housing after clients have completed their main program in the rehab centre.

The range of different therapies available in the rehab centre is well catered for with a number of treatment rooms. There are facilities for art, fitness and dance therapy as well as daily meditation and mindfulness sessions. The rehab clinic offers peace and privacy for clients but for those who also enjoy going out and seeing the sights the nearby town centre also has ample facilities. Excursions into town are arranged for residents once the initial detox period has been completed. For those who just enjoy the outdoors, the rehab centre also has a bright and private garden area for eating or simply relaxing during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cheshire rehab centre

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Primary treatment including a medical detox can take around a week to two weeks in the Cheshire rehab centre. Once this initial period has passed the process of addressing the deeper issues that led towards addiction and any mental health issues can be explored. This can be thought of as the period of fixing the foundations once the addictive substance has been removed from the equation. This can take from several weeks to months, and the suggested length of stay in the rehab clinic will be discussed with residents in conjunction with their counsellors.

Can I use my phone in a rehabilitation centre?

The Cheshire rehab clinic tries to emphasise the social side of addiction recovery, keeping in contact with loved ones can be very important during such a challenging time. It is important however that residents are focussed on their recovery and do not take part in any communication that might be detrimental to their recovery. This is especially important during the initial detox period when the use of the internet and phones are discouraged.

Can my family visit me in a rehab centre?

In order to stay connected with those outside of the rehab clinic families and loved ones are encouraged to visit regularly. Separation from family and friends can be difficult, and contact with those who care about us is very important. Each Sunday the rehab centre in Cheshire offers a family program where counsellors will spend time, if desired, with those in recovery and their families. These sessions not only invest friends and family in residents’ recovery but also eases the transition back into daily life once the individual’s recovery is complete and they are ready to leave the rehab centre.

You are now on your way to a brighter future. Contact Detox Plus UK today for immediate admissions to a drug rehab in Cheshire. Call us now on 0207 2052734 to talk to one of our expert addiction counsellors. We offer advice to people seeking drug and alcohol rehab treatment. If you or your loved one suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, give us a call now so we may offer you free help and support in overcoming this addiction. We work with treatment providers across the United Kingdom, and we will help you locate treatment that’s absolutely right for your needs.




Alcohol faq

There Is No Rehab Centre Near Me, What Should I Do?

Whilst location is an important factor for all of us, please understand, that recovery from addiction is a journey, and a commitment and the initial foundations should not be compromised.
This means seeking advice to find the best rehab centre and therapeutic program that fits you (or your loved one) personally.

Clearly, it’s vital that you find a rehab clinic that offers the right treatments for you. Don’t worry, you can call the Detox Plus UK hotline today, and our advisors will talk you through the different options. This allows you to figure out what treatments will benefit you the most so you can find rehab centres that suit your needs.

When we talk about going to rehab, this assumes that you’re willing to pack your bags and move into a rehab centre. This is known as residential rehab, and it basically means that you live in an environment that’s closed off from the outside world.

It’s been proven that this benefits patients as it restricts you from coming into contact with things or people that trigger your addiction. As a result, it allows the people there to carry out detox treatment without worrying about relapses.

We strongly advise that you give us a call if you’re having trouble figuring out which option is best for you. We’ll talk to you on the phone to help come up with a treatment plan that benefits you the most. As a result, you’ll soon know the best course of action to kick your addiction.

We offer locations for rehab centres nationwide, call our team on 02072052734 or view our locations for Rehab centres

I Can’t Afford Private Residential Treatment. What Should I Do?

Contact your own GP and accurately & honestly explain to him or her your addiction problems and express your desire for help and treatment. Your GP should activate your local ADAT Addictions team who will offer you whatever NHS/Social and treatment routes are available. You should also attend AA or NA recovery groups for support and guidance.

How Long Is The Average Residential Stay in Rehab?

Residential stays vary from between 7-28 days depending on the specifics of your circumstances and historical usage. e.g. An average alcohol detox may last 7 days, with a further 2-3 weeks in the therapeutic program to resolve the psycho-social and behavioural aspects of addiction. As above, most experience the best outcomes and lasting long term sobriety following a minimum 28-day residential stay

What medication is used for alcohol addiction?

Medication can include replacement drugs such as lorazepam or phenobarbital, which are administered in tapering doses to help with alcohol withdrawals. Drugs such as Naltrexone, Disulfiram or Acamprosate can help prevent a return to alcohol use.

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