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About the Private Alcohol Rehab in Surrey

Based close to a small historic town in the beautiful county of Surrey, this residential alcohol rehab in Surrey is fully residential. It offers its clients privacy and a haven to recover from their addictions. The clinic rooms are bright, airy and comfortable, all private with ensuite bathroom facilities. A suite of treatment rooms is available, along with an exclusive gymnasium.

The countryside rehab is perfect for those who prefer to spend time outdoors for walks and relaxation; the rehab facility is surrounded by private gardens with plenty of personal space to contemplate and reconnect with the world away from the stresses and temptations of daily life. The drug rehab in Surrey offers a comprehensive and holistic treatment program to rebuild the body and mind of those suffering from addiction.

Rehab Treatment Options in the Surrey Rehab Centre

The staff at the alcohol rehab Surrey understand that when people suffering from addiction are considering entry into recovery, the prospect can be daunting. Upon arrival at the rehab clinic, you will meet with your counsellor and a detox doctor who will help you fully understand your rehabilitation program. To alleviate some of the more challenging aspects of stopping alcohol addiction, medical Detox will be prescribed for clients. The detox doctor will decide, based on the nature of the addiction and the individual’s physical health, what would best ease withdrawal symptoms. This process can take from a few days to two weeks but is the most comfortable and best way to remove addictive substances from the body.

The private rehab in Surrey champions the integrative approach to rehabilitation and recovery. The system tailors detox and rehabilitation programs to the individual. By treating everyone as a whole person with unique addiction problems, the chance of successful recovery is greatly improved. To achieve this, the team at the Surrey rehab facility have a range of therapy sessions, including dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues, with a mental health nurse available. They also employ trauma counselling experts to help those struggling with past abuse and suffering, which has led them down the path to alcohol addiction.

In treating the body and mind, the residential alcohol rehab in Surrey takes a holistic approach. The counsellors and support workers help those suffering from addiction rebuild all aspects of their lives, beginning with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which aims to change the thought patterns and associations within the minds of people struggling with addiction. The private rehab clinic also has an in-house health coach to help clients to work on their physical and mental health. Starting to take care of your body is one of the essential steps in addiction recovery. To support residents, the rehab clinic also houses a private gym that clients can use in their recreational time and health sessions.

Once clients’ drug rehabilitation is complete and ready to return home, the Surrey rehab clinic staff offers a free aftercare program. Those living outside the Surrey area will be introduced to 12-step programs in their locale and supported by phone or email.

Facilities in the Alcohol Rehab in Surrey

Being entirely residential, the Surrey rehab clinic caters to all of its client’s needs inside the clinic. The nineteen ensuite bedrooms are well-decorated and comfortable, offering a private space for rest. Communal recreation rooms are also found in the residence, with a conservatory, living room, and a dedicated dining area. The centre is fully catered by in-house chefs who can make nutritious and tasty meals suited to individual dietary requirements and nutritional needs. All laundry and household work will also be done by the rehab clinic staff so that clients can focus on their treatment and self-care.

As part of the drug rehabilitation programs at the Surrey rehab, clients can take on a fitness and health program to improve their physical health and take up new healthy habits for the future. The clinic’s gym has various fitness machines and overlooks the beautiful gardens for a beneficial, motivating experience. Group walks or walks in the local parks are available for lower-tempo exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rehab Centre

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Individuals can spend as much time as needed in the Surrey rehab as everyone is different. Once the initial detox period, usually a few weeks long, is complete many people are keen to return home. However, the centre highly recommends spending several additional weeks or months in the clinic to address the deeper addiction issues. Those who spend a long time in treatment programmes get to the heart of their addiction, and they have a much lower chance of relapse in the future.

Can I use my phone in a rehab centre?

The Surrey rehab centre offers clients free WIFI in the residence, which can be used during leisure hours. The use of phones and computers can be more restricted during the initial detox phase or if the counsellors believe it will damage a resident’s recovery goals.

Can my family visit me in a rehab centre?

Healthy relationships and being surrounded by a supportive family can strongly support those in recovery. Maintaining a solid connection with loved ones keeps those at the Surrey rehab centre from feeling isolated and that their friends and family are not part of their recovery. Visits to the rehab clinic from friends and family are encouraged, and each month, the centre offers a family therapy day where residents and their loved ones can spend time with a counsellor to heal and reconnect.

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