How Long does Mephedrone stay in Your System?

How Long does Mephedrone stay in Your System?

How long mephedrone stays in your system depends on a few things: your size, on how much you have taken, whether you’ve eaten recently and what other drugs you may also have taken.

It takes between 15 to 45 minutes to start feeling the effects and can take a little longer if you’ve eaten a big meal.

It lasts between two to three hours, although during that time lots of users are tempted to take more to keep the euphoric high going.

It may take a further one to four hours to feel able to sleep.


For about an hour after taking mephedrone, you may feel euphoric, alert, empathic to those around you, confident and talkative. Some people describe it as being like a mixture of MDMA (ecstasy) and cocaine.


After using mephedrone, people can experience a powerful comedown: feeling tired, depressed and finding it difficult to concentrate for a few days. The strength and duration of the comedown will be worse if you use more mephedrone for longer.

Mephedrone’s effect on the brain

Recent research shows that mephedrone has a more significant impact on the brain than ecstasy. Mephedrone releases a higher number of chemicals by which a nerve cell communicates with another nerve cell, which translates to more intense withdrawal symptoms.

Furthermore, mephedrone travels to the brain faster than ecstasy. Thus the body can metabolise the drug out of your system that much quicker. Therefore, it’s faster and easier to experience a high when taking mephedrone, which often leads to the user searching for another “quick boost” to get high again. That’s when binging behaviour tends to occur.

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