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About the Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Gloucestershire

If you decide to take the first step towards addiction recovery, see what you can expect at a successful drug & alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire.

The drug and alcohol rehab Gloucestershire is a quiet and private addiction clinic in the heart of Gloucestershire. This rehab treatment centre offers clients the best addiction treatment and comfort during their stay. The drug rehab clinic enjoys a peaceful rural situation, only a short journey from Bristol and the nearest airport to Gloucester, Offering an immediate admissions process for treatment and easy access for friends and family to visit. The rehab treatment clinic is spacious, set in a former 17th Century manor house. The grounds are extensive, offering complete privacy for clients. At the same time, they recover from drug or alcohol addiction and related illnesses. The clinic has ample leisure, rest and recovery facilities and is ideal for long-term stays.

What to expect

Upon arrival at the private alcohol detox in Gloucestershire, you will begin treatment with a consultation from the centre’s detox doctor. Depending on the nature of your addiction, the doctor will provide a tailor-made medical detox treatment program to guide you through your addiction recovery. The specific medications prescribed by the doctor will aid you in dealing with the often tricky symptoms of withdrawal. This gives clients the best start with their in-house alcohol rehab programme and helps to ease the associated physical effects. The NHS and medical professionals recognise medical detox treatment as the best and safest way to manage withdrawal effects from addiction.

The detoxification and rehab phase

If you are physically addicted to alcohol, then on cessation of alcohol use, you will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, sweating, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure and raised pulse. In severe alcohol withdrawal, you may experience epileptic seizures, hallucinations, delusions and disorientation in time and place. In some cases, severe alcohol withdrawal can be fatal and, if not fatal, may lead to permanent brain damage. All the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are caused by what doctors call ‘hyper-excitability of the central nervous system – in other words, the brain becomes massively overactive. Some mild sedative medication is prescribed during detox to control this brain over-activity.

You will most likely be prescribed other medicines as well. These may include anti-nausea tablets, thiamine vitamin B tablets and sleeping tablets if required. Detox can usually be accomplished safely within days, and some detox units will offer a 7-day programme. However, ten days to two weeks is more typical. This allows you to take it slowly and comfortably. 

What happens after detox?

Just as importantly, the emotional side of things should be considered, and the physical during detoxification. If you are admitted to a specialist detoxification unit, you will receive counselling and be encouraged to attend group therapy with other patients during the detox. This must form part of the detoxification plan – the easy bit is the detox, and the tricky bit is staying off. In the longer term, skills need to be learned to remain abstinent and underlying emotional issues resolved to prevent a return to drugs or drinking.

The drug rehab in Gloucestershire makes the most of its extensive facilities to offer a rehab and treatment program based around traditional addiction treatment alongside a lifestyle and family connection program. Individual counselling and group therapy provide Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, widely recognised as the best way to retrain the mind towards positivity and happiness and combat addiction. The alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire is well known for its progressive thinking and keeping up with the latest treatment available for those suffering from addiction.

The rehab centre’s holistic approach to addiction treatment also means working on your physical and mental well-being with reiki, massage, yoga and meditation groups. Music and art therapy sessions are also available to help clients healthily express their thoughts and feelings about addiction. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the private rehab is ideally situated to provide walking, fishing and other outdoor pursuits. The rehab treatment centre also offers unique and up-and-coming treatment, and animal therapy, allowing clients to get back in touch with nature and spend time with various creatures known for their excellent company and therapeutic presence.

What is unique about the private alcohol rehab in Gloucestershire?

The care treatment centre is exceptionally spacious for a rehabilitation clinic, with over thirty rooms for clients recovering from addictions. This puts the clinic in an excellent position to offer instant admissions and long-term stays. The rooms are all private and include standard and executive rooms, and many provide ensuite bedrooms depending on your budget and preferred level of accommodation. All the rooms are of a high standard, focused on comfort and peace, essential for those recovering from addiction. 

The rehab clinic’s high-end fitness suite and spa allow clients to relax, reflect and rebuild their physical health. An infrared sauna is available for client use; its widely held health benefits for drug and alcohol addiction include the acceleration of removing toxins from the body during medical drug detox treatment. The spa also has a hot tub jacuzzi for clients to enjoy and soothe any aches and pains from the detox process or your fitness regime. Massage and other holistic treatments for addiction are also available in the spa to create a sense of well-being during your addiction treatment program.

The grounds of the rehab treatment centre extend to forty acres and include a fishing lake, horse riding stables and areas for falconry and archery. Clients of the rehab are encouraged to make use of the grounds, and group walks are arranged each day. Socialising with other people in a similar situation is one of the best ways of combatting the feelings of isolation brought on by alcohol and drug addiction. The treatment centre building has several communal and dining spaces for guests. This includes cosy lounges and an airy conservatory. All meals are of a fine-dining standard and provided by the in-house chefs. The meals are tailored to each client’s dietary preferences and nutritional needs. Drug and alcohol addiction can lead people to neglect their dietary needs and eat healthily, a vital step in recovery.

I have frequently asked questions about the private rehab in Gloucestershire.

How long will my treatment be?

While there is no set period for your treatment, the Gloucestershire rehab is well-equipped for short and long-term stays; the usual stay is around a month and a half or longer. This allows for about a week of medical detox and a more extended period for rest, reflection and therapy.

Can I use my phone and WIFI in rehab?

Phones and computers are permitted in the rehab clinic, and complimentary WIFI is available in the communal areas and bedrooms. It is worth noting that during your assessment and therapy sessions, counsellors might discuss whether such activity benefits your rehabilitation treatment.

Can my family visit me when I am in rehab treatment?

When dealing with addiction, the support of loved ones, friends, and family is vital to our physical and mental health. The family are welcome to visit clients while staying at the drug rehab in Gloucestershire. Visits are by prior arrangements as well as family therapy sessions and trips. The family support facility is designed to help you to stay connected with your family and offer all parties support during your addiction recovery. Entering a rehab clinic can be a scary and stressful process. Detox Plus UK will try to find a drug rehab near your Gloucestershire area.


Patients will also gain membership in the rehab just by staying there, and aftercare will be provided. Aftercare includes long-term support from counsellors and contacts with local groups to keep you on track with your recovery and prevent relapse. This aftercare, of course, extends to your family members and loved ones. , this is ongoing care provided for someone after completing residential addiction treatment. For obvious practical reasons, Detox Plus UK supports the provision of a complete programme of aftercare in the patient’s home locality.

Only 25-30% of people who have detoxed without rehab are still dry at the end of one year, and 75% complete a rehab period. The research evidence shows that people who persevere with an aftercare plan for some time following rehab or detox significantly increase their chances of remaining abstinent in the longer term. 

The highest risk period for relapse is the first year following the completion of treatment, and a patient should engage in a complete package of ongoing care for at least this period.

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Alcohol Rehab Gloucestershire

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