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Are you one of the thousands of people in the UK struggling with an addiction to opiate drugs like heroin, methadone, oxycontin or codeine, among others? We can help you get free of dependency through an opiate detox.

The process entails aiding people to come off opiates and deal with withdrawal during detox. It is widely considered the opening phase of a complete drug treatment recovery programme. You can be assured the heroin detox will be administered in medically supervised conditions, ensuring the detoxification is carried out in the maximum safety and efficiency. Our experts at Detox Plus will monitor every aspect of the drug detox until it is complete, where your body has not only been cleansed of opiates, but you have managed the symptoms of withdrawal.

What is an opiate?

So, what exactly are opiates? A drug originating from opium, covering all types of narcotics binding to opioid receptors in the brain, both natural and synthetic. Opiates are alkaloid compounds found in opium poppy plants and are the source of psychoactive compounds such as fentanyl, morphine and codeine, as well as opium and heroin.

If you have an addiction to opiates, you should contact one of the leading treatment providers in the UK. Detox Plus has vast experience in helping people receive treatment in all types of dependency and the related physical or psychological issues which may come with it. We are in a distinctive position to provide drug detox as either a one-off stand-alone detoxification or as part of a continual, ongoing rehabilitation treatment programme.

Opiate detox treatment

Detox Plus is staffed with a committed team of doctors, nurses and counsellors, many of whom have experienced addiction themselves or have seen someone close to them battle drug or alcohol abuse. Most of our staff members are also active in the community recovery movement in various capacities. Therefore, you can be assured that when attending one of our rehabilitation clinics while undergoing detox, you will receive the utmost care and attention, in the most soothing, accommodating surroundings. We will offer you the fullest support as you begin your detoxification and deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

Going through opiate withdrawal as part of rehab detox can bring on a variety of symptoms, from mild to severe, which can make it difficult to go through withdrawal. However, we can guide you through the process, in a secure, private and comfortable environment. Taking you through it step by step, from the initial telephone and medical assessment, making sure our detox treatment caters to your individual needs to arranging your stay at our rehabilitation clinic. Detox Plus can also expedite an emergency detox admission if need be.



Opiates faq

How long do opiates stay in your system?
The half-life for opiates can range from 1-9 hours, depending on how much you take and which type. For instance, the half-life of morphine is 1.5-6.5 hours, the half-life of codeine is 1-4 hours, and the half-life of hydrocodone is 3.5-9 hours The amount of time that opiates can be detected in your system relies on the type of test.
What happens when you mix alcohol with opiates?
Both opiates and alcohol depress the activity of the central nervous system, slowing breathing and heart rate. When taken together, the effects of these substances only increase, slowing breathing and heart rate down dangerously and depriving essential parts of the body of oxygen. Without an adequate amount of oxygen, essential organ systems begin to shut down. This can cause brain damage, or worse, death. Ingestion of opiates and alcohol also leads to loss of balance and coordination, increasing the risk of severe falls and rendering normal activities like driving deadly.
Can heroin abuse cause diabetes?

Some research implies that regular consumption of heroin can have an impact upon the pancreas which can cause hyperglycaemia; more studies are underway in order to establish the nature of this relationship.

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