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How Much Does Rehab Cost in UK?

The cost of private rehab usually starts from £3,000 per week, but there are low-cost rehab facilities with prices beginning at £2,000 per week, and some rehabs cost up to 10,000 a week. The cost of alcohol dependence intervention depends on the following factors:

  • Type of programme
  • The duration of therapy
  • Location
  • Facilities and amenities provided

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Types of Rehab Programs


Often considered one of the most important aspects of rehab, medical detoxing allows you to come off an additive substance safely. 

All medical detoxes are arranged and supplied by an in-house team of doctors and nurses with many years of experience dealing with addiction. 

If you have an alcohol or substance addiction and want to stop without the assistance of medical detox, then you could be putting yourself in danger. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, resulting in serious illness and even death.

Suppose you are investing in attending a facility to get sober. In that case, you are also investing in your comfort and safety, which, in turn, will increase your chances of completing the rest of the program and attaining long-term sobriety. 

If you cannot complete the medical detox, you cannot continue with the rest of your program.

Budget Rehab

Budget rehab is a low-cost rehab centre that offers a holistic care program that includes in-patient and long-term recovery programs and ongoing support. Still, it is worth remembering that despite having all you need to get sober, budget rehab has limitations due to its low cost rate.

With that being said, these limitations will not affect your chances of recovery as all rehab facilities, no matter the price, will provide you with all you need to get sober.  The main difference will be in the accommodation and facilities in the rehab centre. While luxury rehabs may boast private gyms and ensuite rooms, less expensive centres may require room sharing and use public facilities in the area. You can also find a compromise by choosing a less expensive location. If you are flexible, you can look at rehabs out of your area or budget rehab costs around £1500 per week and is an investment for your future health and well-being.

Mid-Range Rehab

If you wish to attend a mid-range rehab centre, it will cost around £3,000 per week. Rehab programs usually last for four weeks (around 28 days). 

The duration of a recovery stay in a mid-range rehab includes a medical detox, counselling sessions (group and one-to-one) and other additional treatments such as yoga and exercise classes, art therapy and meditation. 

Mid-range rehab clinics will offer similar services regarding addiction but will more likely have a higher standard of location and facilities than low-cost rehab clinics. 

Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab is the most expensive rehab experience available. The price range is significantly higher than the low and mid-range rehabs. 

So, what do you pay for when it comes to luxury rehab? Well, one of the main pulls is the privacy. Luxury rehabs can ensure utmost privacy by placing their facilities in remote locations for a more peaceful experience. 

Apart from a more private and peaceful setting, you can expect a personal touch from our in-house private doctors and nurses, massage therapists, assistants, private chefs and personal trainers.  

Prices vary and start around £6000 per week and can rise to £10,000 in the case of some in-demand luxury rehabs in London and other high-end locations.

Paying for Private Rehab

Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

Paying for private rehab is an investment in your current and future health. Why? Private rehab allows you to enter a world that is drug and alcohol-free. 

An environment free from distraction provides a space to hone your new sober self by allowing you to concentrate on your program and learn more about addiction and how to acquire the tools to stay sober. 

A place without triggers or distractions is one of the essential factors at the beginning of your sober journey.

24 Hour Medical Supervision 

One of our clients’ concerns is the experience of withdrawal symptoms when medical detoxing and their ongoing general health while staying at the rehab clinic. But if you book your place in the rehab program, you also book 24-hour medical supervision from our in-house team of doctors and nurses with many years of experience dealing with addiction. 


Another benefit of investing in private rehab is, well, the privacy. Our rehab clinics are secure and offer private spaces for those needing contemplation or peace to reflect on any realisations they may have during treatment. Also, you won’t be bumping into anyone you know during rehab, which helps avoid temptations or triggers through memory and association. 

Factors in Rehab Costs in the UK

Prices can vary regarding the cost of rehab, and there are many reasons for this. Let’s go through all the main factors that can drive the price up. 


Location can be vital for some of our clients, especially those needing privacy and anonymity. The rehab locations can vary from nestled in the corner of streets, housing estates, or miles away from anywhere. Considering what rehab you will go for, it is worth listing what you want from the facility and what could help you get sober. 


Sharing a room with other clients is a way to reduce rehab costs, as it dilutes space and privacy. The cost of rehab increases significantly when including private accommodation. If you are on a strict budget and can only afford shared accommodation, which, let’s say, isn’t your preference, then do not worry; there are plenty of private spaces in the clinic for you to get some time alone. 

There are only so many private rooms, so if you can afford private accommodation, it is wise to find a suitable rehab as quickly as possible so we can book your private room, giving you peace of mind. 

Specialist Treatment

At Detox Plus we have a team with many years of experience dedicated to supporting you through addiction to sobriety. Our teams include psychotherapists and psychiatrists who will design a program around your needs and wants, providing you with the best chance of recovery. 

You will be allocated a support team working directly with you throughout your program. For example, if you are unhappy with an aspect of your initial program, you can discuss what changes you would like to implement. Our team members are approachable and will be happy to attend to any issues you may have. 

One of private rehab’s strongest pulls is the ongoing support of experienced staff. It instils trust in the clients, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. 

Length of Stay

The stay length depends on the substance addiction level and for how long. Some clients stay for two weeks, the minimum recommended stay, and some stay for four weeks, which is the recommended duration for most clients. 

Although two weeks can be ample time for some, we recommend a minimum of four weeks to get the most out of the program. Settling into life without your desired substance is a long process beyond your stay at rehab, so the longer you can attend rehab, the better. 

Home Alcohol Detox Costs

The price of a home alcohol detox is cheaper than an inpatient medical detox due to there being fewer people involved in the process. A home alcohol detox will cost around £1000 a week. A thousand pounds a week is considered the maximum cost for an outpatient service, but the price could vary depending on what treatment and medications you need. 

Despite inpatient programs being more effective than inpatient programs, not everyone can attend inpatient programs due to ongoing personal responsibilities like childcare, careers and financial commitments. If this is the case for you, a home alcohol detox is a viable alternative to help you get sober. 

If you are thinking of a home alcohol detox, then it is advised to surround yourself with people you can trust and to rid your house of any alcohol or potential temptations to give you the best chance of completing the detox. 

Despite being an outpatient treatment, a home detox is a safe option with a treatment plan and medication from a doctor to ensure your health and safety. 

Outpatient Rehab Costs

Despite inpatient rehab programs being the most effective approach, outpatient programs have also helped countless clients get sober. 

The good news is there are many avenues to get sober, whether through luxury rehab or a home detox assisted by a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Rehab is not a one-size-fits-all; like anything else, there is something for everyone. 

Outpatient Rehab

This is a model based on traditional rehab but costs much less. 

Outpatient treatment implements much of what rehab does regarding modern techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) while integrating other counselling techniques, creating a plan that has the potential to be more effective than using one approach over the other. Any modern counselling techniques will be used during an intensive program which involves group and one-to-one sessions. 

But it isn’t just the dramatic price difference that attracts clients, but the programs’ freedom. Day-hab is an outpatient program, which means you can attend day-hab at a time that suits you, meaning you can still meet any commitments, making day-hab a more practical option for those with responsibilities that cannot be swept aside. 

counselling rehab

Alcohol Counselling Costs

Alcohol counselling is an integral part of addiction recovery as it allows us the space to explore what could be lying behind our addictive nature and how to deal with an environment full of triggers.

Our counselling sessions are designed around you, ensuring you get the full benefit of therapy.

In counselling sessions, whether one-to-one or in a group setting, you will develop the skills and knowledge to help keep you sober beyond rehab. 

At Detox Plus, we have a team of experienced addiction therapists who can help you gain the confidence to face the world sober and show you that it is possible to have another quality of life, a life without alcohol. Detox Plus can provide counselling services from £90 per hour. 

Does NHS Rehab Exist?

To receive rehab services through the NHS, you must contact your GP (general practitioner) or a local addiction service to get a referral to an NHS-funded rehab clinic. 

The NHS provides various addiction treatments through different rehab programmes, so there are plenty of options throughout the UK. Still, it is worth bearing in mind the availability and waiting times can vary, and it is difficult to know when you can get the help you need. The waiting lists will also depend on your location and what services are available in your area.

We recommend you consider all options, whether self-funded, local grants and scholarships or EAPs (employee-assisted programs) before deciding on your future. 

Finding the right rehab for you is critical, so why not call our team today to learn more about what is available in your area and beyond? 

Our support team are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to take your call, email or questions through our online chat. 

Free Rehab Options in the UK

It is possible to receive alcohol rehab for free in the UK through charities and local authorities. It is worth checking the NHS for information on what treatments free addiction treatments are available. 

Due to the UK becoming increasingly reliant on drugs and alcohol, the waiting lists for funded treatments through the NHS are long, and the time between getting help and continuing your addiction is indefinite. 

Fortunately, there are more treatment options outside of the NHS willing to help in any way they can. Throughout the UK, there are charitable organisations dedicated to helping those who can’t afford proper treatment. 

But the truth is that free treatment attracts many people in desperate need of help, and the waiting lists can be quite long. But putting your name forward for several treatment centres while actively pursuing help is worth it. Remember, the ball is always in your court when it comes to getting the help you need, which involves phoning centres to arrange your initial assessment and making sure you attend all other scheduled appointments. 

Any failure to attend arranged appointments will only indicate unwillingness and could result in you losing your place on the list.

If you have attended rehab and are looking for information on local services such as AA and other addiction services in your local area, give Detox Plus a call today, and we can direct you towards additional support to further encourage a sober life. 

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