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A luxurious addiction rehab centre is where addiction can be healed using advanced holistic addiction treatment methods. You will find luxury rehab clinics in the UK and abroad, with many offering a locally appropriate hotel-style experience. 

Luxury Rehab Spain

An environment of comfort, nutrition and health can make your recovery more accessible and uplifting. They usually focus on creating a comfortable, mood-improving stay for you or a loved one. You can also choose a private room with an ensuite, which will be cleaned and meals delivered as requested.

They are also exclusive and value privacy with closed grounds and limited outside access for visitors. This makes it easier to keep your Alcohol Addiction private and only share your rehab stay with those who want to support you.

Of course, you will pay more for a Luxury rehab clinic than a more mid-range clinic. For many, the investment is worth it to be happy and comfortable during their rehab stay. It is also easier to convince a reluctant loved one to stay in a luxury rehab, as they can be sure of complete comfort and care.

What to Expect in Luxury Rehab

Rehab clinics vary enormously, and luxury drug and alcohol rehab clinics are no exception. Location is a big factor in the type of rehab you can expect. Luxury rehab clinics are often based in high-end townhouses or former hotels in or near cities. These will be smaller and have fewer facilities than rural properties.

Countryside luxury rehab clinics in the UK are based in luxurious country hotels or sometimes former private hospitals. These facilities include private fitness suites, swimming pools, spas and special therapy programs

Luxury UK Rehab

Detox in a Luxury Rehab

The first step is always the hardest when getting help for an addiction. Detox is the first thing on most people’s minds when considering going into rehab. 

There is no denying this is a tough time for anyone with an addiction. Symptoms can be uncomfortable, and cravings make it difficult to keep your spirits up. However, luxury rehabs will offer several services to make your detox easier and more comfortable. 

A prescription is the first step. Medical detox manages withdrawal symptoms, keeping you safe and comfortable while you wait for the chemical part of the addiction to wear off. There are also prescriptions to help with low mood and stomach problems and others which help remove cravings.

Detox is demanding for the body and mind. Being well taken care of at this time can mean a lot to those struggling with addiction. It is common for those taking drugs and alcohol and people in detox to neglect personal health, hygiene and surroundings. 

Having someone to cook, clean and care for you will make a huge difference to your recovery. A luxury rehab clinic should go the extra mile to cater to its residents at a time like this. 

Treatment in a Luxury Rehab

All rehab centres we recommend offer a robust therapy and treatment program to help you understand and fight your addiction. Some luxury clinics have a theme or concept behind them. This can be anything from focusing on health and wellbeing to specialist treatments to help you recover mentally. 

Mental Health in Recovery

Shot of yoga class with women lying on floor. Yoga class relaxing in the Corpse pose, Savasana.

Many with an addiction have a coexisting mental health issue as a cause or result. Without treatment for this problem, they are much more likely to return to alcohol or drugs. Inpatient rehab allows you much more time and opportunity to work on your mental health. 

There are many therapies available in a luxury rehab. You are more likely to get as much one-on-one counselling as you want in a luxury clinic. There may also be workshops and specialist speakers to help you find motivation. You will also have a doctor to hand to discuss anti-depressants and other medications to help you.

Luxury rehabs offer a range of therapies and approaches so you can find which one suits you best. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and PCT (person-centred therapy) are the most commonly used in addiction treatment. Other types of psychological help include hypnotherapy, animal therapy, role-playing, motivational interviewing, and contingency management. However, luxury rehab centres often provide alternatives. 

In addition to the traditional psychological and group therapy cornerstone of addiction recovery, you can access other therapies in luxury rehabs. 

  • Yoga, meditation, acupuncture and reiki
  • Art, music and animal therapy
  • Fitness and nutrition plans
  • Mindfulness training
  • Ecotherapy (activities in nature and outdoors)

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Luxury Rehab Centers Worldwide

Many luxury rehabs are located in places we might commonly associate with holidays. This is because of the high standards of hospitality and the therapeutic nature of these surroundings. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere makes your rehabilitation easier. Some patients may be celebrities or high-profile professionals concerned that seeking treatment will negatively impact their business or reputation.

While staying in a luxury rehab centre may sound like a holiday, it will not be effective if you do not take your addiction and recovery seriously. 

Luxury rehabs are available in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, and the Middle East. Our advisors can recommend an ideal location based on the treatment and complementary therapies you think would help.

Like luxury rehabs in the UK, most rehabs offer help getting to and from the clinic. Many offer a chaperone service to take you home and drop you off. This makes it easier to make the journey without being tempted by your addiction. 

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

In the UK, luxury rehab clinics will cost around £10,000 per week, although some are more than this. 

Like all rehab costs, the price of your stay in a luxury rehab will vary depending on the clinic you choose. In general, costs are greater in high-demand areas such as London, while areas like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offer excellent facilities and treatments at a lower cost. 

If you are considering travelling abroad to a luxury rehab, you may find that European rehabs can offer lower prices. Other places, such as America and Dubai, may be more expensive than the UK. 

How to Find a Luxury Rehab

Knowing where to start when looking for rehab can be hard, especially if you have specific wants and needs. Our team can recommend a rehab where you can access the luxury services you need. Chat or call us today to find the right luxury drug rehab for you or a loved one.

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