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Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Scotland

The saving grace of Scotland’s drug and alcohol problem is some of the best quality detox and rehab centers in the UK. 

Scotland Rehab House

Why choose Scotland for Rehab?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Scotland for recovery. The motivations depend on whether you live in the area or are coming from further afield in the UK or Europe.

If you are living in Scotland

  • You don’t want to travel
  • Friends and family want to support you
  • Being in a familiar place is more comfortable

If you live outside of Scotland

  • Rehab treatment quality in Scotland is very high
  • Getting away from daily temptations and stress
  • You get more for your money in a Scottish rehab center
  • Rural locations are ideal for sober activities 

Rehab Group Therapy

Rehab Treatment in Scotland

The rehabs we recommend in Scotland offer several different approaches. These are all based on the core stages of rehabilitation: Detox, Therapy and Aftercare. These steps can all be covered in a 28-day rehab program in Scotland.  

Detox Doctor Explaining Medication

Detox in Scotland

A vital first step but one of the most psychologically and physically challenging is detoxing. This means stopping drinking, taking drugs, and waiting for these addictive chemicals to leave your body. 

If you have tried this, as many with addictions have, you will have experienced withdrawal. In a rehab, you will do things differently than at home. All the Scottish rehabs we work with offer a full medical detox. 

Prescription medications will help with the symptoms you may be familiar with such as shaking, head and stomach pains, hallucinations and seizures. As you might guess rehab is the safest place to go when you are withdrawing. Round the clock supervision and prescriptions from a detox doctor will keep you safe and feeling better within a few days up to a week. Rest and nutritional support are important too and the rehab staff will provide everything you need. 

Rehab Therapy in Scotland

Addiction certainly has a physical hold on your body but there is usually much more to the problem than your body’s dependence. Because of the way alcohol and drugs work on our brains they are often used to self-medicate for mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

The effect of intoxicating substances on our brain is temporary calm, feeling relaxed and confident. For those with these conditions, this is a tempting, if temporary, solution. 

For those with childhood trauma or PTSD, research shows that the brain is already rewired to increase the chances of addiction.

The Lateral Habenula part of the brain involved in decision making and self-control may not work in the same way for these people. Their control over decision making is less. Those with this issue cannot control their drinking like most people and should be completely abstinent. 

The good news is that most damage to the brain from drinking and drugs is repairable. You have to stop drinking and taking drugs, which is easier in an abstinent environment like a rehab centre. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is very effective for treating addiction.

It is a mix of talking and action-based therapy given by a qualified counsellor. You will speak about your addiction, how it causes you to behave and feel and how to make positive changes. Group therapy is part of rehab as well. It gives you a chance to share and understand how your problem is normal and understandable.

You can also prepare for your aftercare with group therapy, finding a support group in your area or online. This is shown to be a very effective way of remaining sober and clean long term.  

Group walking in rehab

Holistic & Family Therapy

Detox and counselling is all about repairing and healing people with an addiction. You may have to deal with past issues, traumas and behaviour but life only moves in one direction, forward. Knowing what to do is as important as what not to do. 

Alcohol and drugs have a way of taking over your life, leaving little room for anything else. Now is the time to set that right. You can spend time in therapy with your friends and family to help you move on as a group. 

Taking on new or starting back with old clean and sober activities gives you a new lease on life and stops you from dwelling on the absence of drugs and alcohol. 

Scotland offers many such activities. Enjoying nature, exercise, art, music and even meditation are easy in such beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Your counsellors will advise you on the best hobbies and interests to boost your recovery and stay healthy. 

After Rehab

Rehab can be a rewarding and life-changing experience.  When it comes to an end you should leave feeling hopeful and positive about your recovery. The skills and therapy you gained in rehab counselling will equip you to return to your life. 

This is a long and challenging road, albeit a happy one. You will probably need help at some point to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This is nothing to feel guilty about, most addictions take time and patience as well as support. 

The rehab will connect you with an addiction support group in Scotland or close to where you live. There are also online options for privacy or a specific ideology you prefer. 

There will also be a year of free aftercare from the rehab clinic staff. You can call or arrange an appointment anytime during this period. If you live nearby the clinic in Scotland you can attend meetings, workshops and counselling sessions too. 

How Much Does Rehab in Scotland Cost?

Residential rehab can seem expensive despite the strong advantages. One way to save money on rehab is to go to one in Scotland. Thanks to the lower cost of living and housing in Scotland rehab here costs less for the same quality of treatment and accommodation. A rural center in Scotland will offer a level of privacy and accommodation you might find at a much higher price in other parts of the UK. 

Compared with general rehab costs rehab in Scotland can be a few thousand below prices elsewhere. Around £2000 a week for budget centers, £2500-£3000 a week for mid-range and luxury rehabs available for £3500-4500 a week. The biggest difference in price is in mid-range and luxury rehab in Scotland. Thanks to lower costs in general for country estates and seaside retreats these are more affordable. 

How Detox Plus Helps

For most things we choose nowadays, we want to check the details and that our needs will be met, from hotels to homes. Addiction help is no different. Rehab is even harder to select as many of us know only a little about what we need and what is on offer. Fortunately, our expert team have an overview of the rehab available in Scotland and can match you with a rehab center that is the right fit for you or a loved one. Call us today for advice on everything from treatment to costs and transport. 


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