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About the alcohol and drug rehab Bedfordshire

The drug rehab Bedfordshire clinic is unique because it is not based in one residential and treatment building. The rehab centre is in a beautiful rural setting, with all rooms dedicated to different therapies and group sessions. The area around the Bedfordshire rehab clinic is surrounded by woodland and countryside, offering you peace and seclusion during your drug or alcohol recovery. Conversely, the accommodation is in two separate country homes with quiet gardens and comfortable private living rooms. This gives the Bedfordshire drug rehab centre accommodation a homely and personalized feel. It also means plenty of space in the rehab centre dedicated to the different drug addiction treatments for both individual therapy and group sessions.

Rehab Treatment in the Bedfordshire rehab clinic

 rehab in bedfordshireThe Bedfordshire rehab centre offers a wide range of therapies in its dedicated addiction clinic. Upon admission, clients will be assessed by the centre’s detox doctor, who will provide a custom-designed treatment plan. Detoxing from alcohol and drugs can be challenging, but a medical detox plan will help to ease the symptoms and give you the best chance of getting sober and clean. This plan will be tailored to the individual, their addiction and their drive to become heavy and healthy again. The Bedfordshire rehab centre has the advantage of taking only twelve people in at once; this means that the service is highly personalized, and you will have a custom-made experience in drug detox treatment and rehabilitation.

The Bedfordshire rehab centre offers Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as part of the recovery process to help clients understand and remedy the damaging associations they have with drugs or alcohol. The treatments are split into individual sessions with a qualified counsellor to deal with your personal issues and group sessions. Connecting and communicating about your drug or alcohol addiction helps clients understand they are not alone and find support amongst others facing the same challenges. Workshops are also available at the rehab clinic to provide a deeper understanding of alcohol and drug addiction and learn how to deal with the issues that arise before and during recovery.

The Bedfordshire rehab clinic also emphasizes the experience of family and loved ones during clients’ recovery from their addiction. Family therapy and counselling help clients and those they are close to communicate their concerns, challenges and hopes for the future. The support of those around you can help ease recovery and return to everyday life. In addition to this, family visits are arranged for clients at the weekend to keep in touch and support each other. It is worth noting that these services are usually available after the first week or medical drug detox period.

One of the most critical lifestyle changes when recovering from alcohol and drug addiction is prioritizing your health again. Caring about your body and personal well-being gives you a new lease on life and helps to keep you clean and sober. To help you regain positive habits, the drug rehab Bedfordshire clinic offers the client the opportunity to use a local gym and wellness centre. In the centre, there is also the option of massage, aromatherapy and acupuncture treatment, which can be highly beneficial for alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

Facilities in the alcohol and drug rehab in Bedfordshire

The Bedfordshire rehab centre has a dedicated centre for addiction treatment and two residential country houses for accommodation. These houses have all private bedrooms for the client’s comfort during recovery, and executive rooms with private bathrooms are also available. There are also comfortable sitting rooms and quiet surrounding gardens, ideal for peace and reflection. The Bedfordshire rehab clinic houses are fully catered, and the cooks will prepare all the meals with the client’s preferences and nutrition plan in mind. Drug and alcohol addiction can lead us to neglect our health and nutrition, which must be remedied during recovery.

The drug rehab Bedfordshire clinic offers clients access to a nearby health and fitness club with a fitness suite, pool and jacuzzi. This can be relaxing and therapeutic during the initial detox period and help remove toxins from drug and alcohol addiction. Depending on your treatment, a nutrition and exercise plan may also be part of your recovery. Exercise and creating new positive habits are vital for those looking to live a healthy and sober new lifestyle.

I have frequently asked questions about the drug rehab Bedfordshire centre.

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Addiction affects people in different ways, and the length of your stay will depend on the nature of your addiction. The initial medical detox program can take several days to several weeks in the Bedfordshire rehab centre. After that, you will begin recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction which can take several months. Your departure will be discussed and agreed upon with your counsellor at the Bedfordshire rehab centre and will depend on your drug or alcohol addiction recovery.

Can I use my phone and WIFI in a rehab centre?

The Bedfordshire rehab centre allows clients to bring mobile phones and, if necessary, computers. However, mobiles and computers are restricted during the first week’s stay. This is usually the detox period which can be challenging, and continuing to use phones and the internet can be distracting and lead to issues with your addiction recovery. The rehab clinic has internet access; however, the Bedfordshire drug rehab clinic houses do not have Wi-Fi. There is also a house phone available to clients if needed.

Can my family visit me in a rehab clinic?
Families of those recovering from addiction are encouraged to visit, according to the client’s wishes. In Bedfordshire, rehab clinic visits are usually at weekends when spending the afternoon locally with your family and loved ones is available. The visitation days are times when you would otherwise have a free-time day, so you will not miss any treatment or group shares.

How do I remain abstinent after rehab?

When leaving rehab, a person who has battled addiction must carry on the good fight and stay clean and sober, especially after coming so far.  

While in rehab, you were advised on relapse prevention and the possible triggers which could bring you back to addiction. You were shown how to deal with cravings, and the clinic will have highlighted the practices you could use to help you refrain from drugs or alcohol.

However, dealing with addiction requires continual ongoing care. Once you leave the facility, you can receive all the help you need to re-adjust to everyday life, deal with what life throws at you and continue to grow. And, most importantly, live a clean and sober life.

For every addiction, there are recovery programs and support groups to help those looking to kick their habits. Generally speaking, these programs can be grouped into one of two big buckets: those following a 12-step approach and those that do not. Which you choose will be a matter of personal preference.

Abstinence is the end goal for alcohol and drug addiction – the last stage of the process. Abstinence involves maintaining sobriety and requires commitment following the end of rehab.

Finding a support network for your ongoing recovery is critical to maintaining sobriety. This can come from friends or family or through external support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous.

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