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The drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire is a small and intimate rehab clinic offering the privacy and comfort needed for those recovering from addiction. The sea views and beachfront provide a beautiful and natural setting for your stay. The Lancashire clinic offers a range of different drug treatment packages depending on your needs and budget with several highly specialised treatments available here.

Rehab treatment in Lancashire

The first step in your addiction recovery in the drug and alcohol rehab Lancashire clinic will be to rid your body of the damaging and intoxicating drugs you are addicted to. To manage the symptoms of detox, you will meet with the clinic’s addiction doctor upon arrival and receive a detox plan. Medical detox treatment is the quickest and best option for your body and mind, easing the symptoms and aiding your transition to a clean and sober state. The process of a medical detox from alcohol or drugs can take anywhere from a week to two weeks, and during this time, clients will have trained staff available to support them round the clock.

When your body is clear of any intoxicating substances, you will then be able to fully commit to moving forward with the treatment of your drug addiction. At the heart of any treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is sharing your experience and escaping the isolating feelings that often come from suffering from addiction. In addition to sharing with those in a similar position, the Lancashire rehab centre also offers the opportunity to spend time sharing and reconnecting with friends and family members with family sessions available with a trained therapist.

What is included in your treatment?

The drug and alcohol rehab Lancashire centre offers several other one-to-one treatments, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, to help clients to look at the thoughts and lifestyle issues that have led them into addiction. Addiction is often a coping mechanism for those under extreme emotional strain, and so the Lancashire rehab centre also specialises in trauma and grief counselling. This counselling helps clients to deal with the underlying causes of their addiction and self-destructive behaviour, and all therapists are qualified and experienced, many having their own recovery experience.

You will also engage in the rehab clinic’s therapeutic treatment programme. Upon admission into the drug rehab in Lancashire, you will be fully assessed by a consultant psychiatrist. Following this assessment, an individualised recovery plan will be put in place. Each day, you will attend therapy sessions. This includes group and one-to-one therapy sessions. Here, you work closely with addiction therapists to help you identify issues that cause you to resort to drug or alcohol use.

The drug and alcohol rehab Lancashire can also offer several specialist treatments especially important for those who have found other methods of addiction treatment insufficient. Low-Level Laser therapy uses cold laser light to re-energise your body and reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. This can be particularly effective in drug addiction sufferers who find fatigue to be an issue in their recovery. All of the treatments at the Lancashire rehab clinic are designed to revitalise your body and mind to help you to lead a clean, sober and happy life. Following your treatment in the Lancashire rehab centre, the clinic staff also offer a comprehensive aftercare program. This program means that the centre will put you in contact with local recovery groups in your area as well as providing a year of ongoing counselling for you and your friends and family affected by your addiction.

Facilities in the drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire

rehab lanarkshire

The Lancashire rehab centre is located on a beautiful stretch of the coast with a beach close by, perfect for taking group walks and quiet moments for personal reflection. There are thirteen rooms available in the  Lancashire clinic both doubles and singles most with private bathrooms. For those looking for a touch of luxury, there are two executive rooms with sea views available. Additionally, the drug addiction rehab centre has its own garden area for clients to relax and reflect in peace and privacy.

The Lancashire rehab centre has a private room available for their various treatments with a massage therapy chair and relaxation room. A client can also make use of the jacuzzi, perfect for relaxation and easing any aches and pains. A steam room is also available, providing clients with relaxation as well as a chance to enjoy the healing effects of steam, especially beneficial during the detox period. These facilities are a perfect place for socialising with others recovering from addiction. Other shared areas include a comfortable lounge and dining area as well as a T.V. room with a piano. The dining area allows clients to enjoy their home-cooked meals together, and there are tea, coffee and fresh fruit available to clients at all times.

When you and your addiction counsellor agree you are fully recovered and ready to return home from the rehab clinic, the centre offers a year of aftercare. Aftercare treatment is hugely important in the continuation of your sobriety and long-term recovery from your addiction. You will always have someone available to speak to if you are finding your new alcohol or drug-free life a challenge. The Lancashire clinic also provides the same service to your family and loved ones in order for them to deal with their own concerns and issues with your addiction and provide you with the best support they can.

Frequently asked questions about the Lancashire clinic.

How long will I stay in a rehab clinic?

Upon your arrival at the rehab centre, an assessment will be made of the nature of your addiction. This assessment will be ongoing during your stay and will determine the length of your stay. Clients and their counsellors will generally make a joint decision based on their progress and personal situation as to when they should return home. Medical detox treatment will generally take around a week or more, and the addiction recovery and therapy period can range from a month to three months.

Can my family visit me in a rehab clinic?

Your family and loved ones are welcome to visit you during your stay at the Lancashire rehab, although your counsellor or doctor will make recommendations as to when. Visits must be arranged with the rehab centre staff in advance in order not to disrupt treatments.

You are now on your way to a brighter future. Contact Detox Plus UK today for immediate admissions to a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire. Call us now on 0207 2052734 to talk to one of our expert addiction counsellors. We offer advice to people seeking drug and alcohol rehab treatment. If you or your loved one suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, give us a call now so we may offer you free help and support in overcoming this addiction. We work with treatment providers across the United Kingdom, and we will help you locate treatment that’s absolutely right for your needs.



Alcohol faq

There Is No Rehab Centre Near Me, What Should I Do?

Whilst location is an important factor for all of us, please understand, that recovery from addiction is a journey, and a commitment and the initial foundations should not be compromised.
This means seeking advice to find the best rehab centre and therapeutic program that fits you (or your loved one) personally.

Clearly, it’s vital that you find a rehab clinic that offers the right treatments for you. Don’t worry, you can call the Detox Plus UK hotline today, and our advisors will talk you through the different options. This allows you to figure out what treatments will benefit you the most so you can find rehab centres that suit your needs.

When we talk about going to rehab, this assumes that you’re willing to pack your bags and move into a rehab centre. This is known as residential rehab, and it basically means that you live in an environment that’s closed off from the outside world.

It’s been proven that this benefits patients as it restricts you from coming into contact with things or people that trigger your addiction. As a result, it allows the people there to carry out detox treatment without worrying about relapses.

We strongly advise that you give us a call if you’re having trouble figuring out which option is best for you. We’ll talk to you on the phone to help come up with a treatment plan that benefits you the most. As a result, you’ll soon know the best course of action to kick your addiction.

We offer locations for rehab centres nationwide, call our team on 02072052734 or view our locations for Rehab centres

I Can’t Afford Private Residential Treatment. What Should I Do?

Contact your own GP and accurately & honestly explain to him or her your addiction problems and express your desire for help and treatment. Your GP should activate your local ADAT Addictions team who will offer you whatever NHS/Social and treatment routes are available. You should also attend AA or NA recovery groups for support and guidance.

How Long Is The Average Residential Stay in Rehab?

Residential stays vary from between 7-28 days depending on the specifics of your circumstances and historical usage. e.g. An average alcohol detox may last 7 days, with a further 2-3 weeks in the therapeutic program to resolve the psycho-social and behavioural aspects of addiction. As above, most experience the best outcomes and lasting long term sobriety following a minimum 28-day residential stay

What medication is used for alcohol addiction?

Medication can include replacement drugs such as lorazepam or phenobarbital, which are administered in tapering doses to help with alcohol withdrawals. Drugs such as Naltrexone, Disulfiram or Acamprosate can help prevent a return to alcohol use.

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