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Cocaine Detox Ireland

Do you live in the beautiful country of Ireland but are struggling with an addiction? Are you battling day to day with dependency and looking for release? If you have succumbed to cocaine and wish to be rid of it, then we have the answer. Choose a residential cocaine detox Ireland from one of the leading names in the field. Say goodbye to cocaine addiction by calling on Detox Plus UK. We can show you the way to live free from drugs, right in the heart of Ireland.

Ireland is also the birthplace of Guinness, which stands for many as a symbol of the country’s perceived drinking culture, where many frequent the pubs of Belfast, Galway, Donegal or Dublin. But, while a proportion of the population may have a problem with alcohol, there is also a far-reaching issue with drugs in Ireland, with many people dealing with an addiction to cocaine. Have you seen your drug habit overwhelm your existence, and you want to give up, but it feels impossible? Don’t give up hope. If you need a helping hand, call on Detox Plus UK. We are at the forefront of cocaine detox Ireland, where you can receive the treatment at one of our residential treatment centres.

Cocaine and Withdrawals

A growing number of people in Ireland are struggling with an addiction to cocaine. The drug affects the human nervous system, filling you with an intense feeling of euphoria, excitement and energy, where you feel the desired high. This is the principal reason why people take cocaine. However, if you are concerned, you may be imbibing cocaine beyond the point of occasional recreational use, then you may have developed an addiction to cocaine.

Some people fail to appreciate just how much taking cocaine can affect them when they start. They will feel the initial high and euphoria, but that can disappear very quickly, followed by a profound low or feeling of a comedown. If you take cocaine over a long time, you can be left with an almost unbearable craving, as well as building up a tolerance. Possibly leading you to lose track of how much you have consumed, running the risk of overdose.

The chances of overdose are also significantly increased if you combine cocaine with alcohol as well as other substances. It can have dangerous, possibly life-threatening consequences, heightening the likelihood of suffering a stroke, cardiac or respiratory arrest and ultimately sudden death.

cocaine detox ireland

If you use cocaine to excess, it can have tragic, long-standing ramifications for yourself, as well as your friends or loved ones. However, you can eradicate the drug from your life by deciding on a cocaine detox Ireland overseen by Detox Plus UK.

Detox programs for cocaine use

Cocaine Detox Ireland

We can help you find the ideal residential rehab clinic in Ireland to battle your dependency, which will cater to your personal needs. By speaking to one of our trained advisors or counsellors, we can advise you on the best course of action and help you select the right rehab clinic to treat your cocaine addiction in Ireland.

It is widely felt though that, for a more in-depth, thorough treatment, you should undergo cocaine detox as an inpatient, living at one of our excellently equipped residential rehab centres across the country. Be assured you will be treated in a calm and friendly environment, perfectly conducive to getting you the help you need. During your stay, you will be under constant care and supervision 24 hours a day by our committed medical staff.

It all starts with medical detox, usually regarded a vital initial stage in an ongoing rehabilitation treatment programme for cocaine addiction.  Under supervision, you will stop taking the drug you are addicted to, in this instance, cocaine. 

How long do withdrawals from cocaine last?

Cocaine has a very short half-life. The half-life of a drug means how long does it stay in your body. Cocaine will start to leave your system within hours of taking it, although its effects may last for much longer than that.

Several factors go into determining how long withdrawal from cocaine or any drug will last. These include:

  • How long have you been using
  • How much you have been using
  • The type and purity of drug used.
  • Any medical or mental health problems you may already have

On average cocaine, detox will take about a week for it to leave your system and the worst of the withdrawal symptoms to be over. You will leave detox healthier and medically stable.

Medications used in rehab in Ireland

Various medications have been approved in the UK for the treatment of addiction. Do note, however, that not every medication is suitable for every type of addiction, for example, you would not be prescribed an opioid replacement drug such as methadone to treat your cocaine addiction. Doctors may not consider it necessary to prescribe medication in every case of cocaine abuse you should not enter into treatment anticipating to be given medication, and if you are not, it does not indicate that your treatment is any less inclined to be successful, solely that your doctors do not think it needed at that time.

The medical team can prescribe medications to help you through withdrawal. There are no actual medications to treat cocaine abuse specifically, but other drugs can assist you through the process. If you require aid coming down off cocaine, then you could be prescribed antidepressants, or sleep medication if you have problems with insomnia. You can rest easy that the medical staff will note any alteration in your condition, keeping you stable and ensure the detoxification process goes as smoothly as possible.


Once it is completed, you can attend one on one or group therapy sessions in the clinic, where you can examine any mental or emotional issues which may play a role in your problems with cocaine. They can be an integral part of an inpatient rehab treatment in a private clinic. Individual therapy can help you identify any underlying issues, traumas or circumstances, which may have led you to take cocaine. There are many reasons why a person may choose to escape with narcotics like cocaine, which may be examined during your personal therapy session. When attending group therapy, you can learn through interpersonal communication how your struggle with cocaine impacts on others, which can help you see yourself through other people’s eyes. It can give you a renewed sense of perception, which can be of great aid to your treatment.

It is not uncommon to employ cognitive-behavioural therapy in a full rehabilitation treatment. It can help you recognise the negative thoughts and emotions, alongside the past events and traumas, which could lead you to take cocaine. If you could get a handle on those feelings and remove them from your life, it could be the key to conquering your cocaine addiction.

Whilst in recovery, holistic therapies such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga, as well as creative outlets like arts and crafts can be offered. Education and psychiatric care, along with the world-famous 12-step programme, can help you to overcome your dependency on cocaine as part of the ongoing treatment plan.

There is also help available once you leave rehab, by benefitting from an exceptional follow-up and aftercare programme, where you can keep in touch with a counsellor or advisor following your departure. They can follow your progress through telephone or visit, to see how you are adapting to life outside the clinic and getting back to normal. We can lend you a helping hand when you leave the residential rehab centre, you avoid temptation and give in to relapse, as you continue with your recovery.

If you are a resident of Ireland and fighting cocaine addiction, then you will be under the best of care with Detox Plus UK.  You can count on us to provide the foremost rehabilitation treatment at one of our cocaine detox Ireland residential centres across the country. We are on the vanguard of the latest techniques drug detox and therapy, showing you how to put cocaine addiction behind you for good. Are you based in Ireland and would like to know more about the excellent service we offer, then please get in touch? It could be the most important decision you make today.

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