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We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire

The rehab in Nottinghamshire offers professional help for a range of substance dependences with 24/7 care and in-house medical treatment.

The decision to enter rehab can be both demanding and a relief. In treatment you will be completely abstinent throughout, protecting you from triggers and temptations while you recuperate and work on yourself. This treatment centre is focused on rebuilding your life and starting again happier and healthier.

Nottinghamshire is an excellent location for rehab with excellent transport links and accommodation but provides enough space and isolation to get away from stresses and pressure at home.

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Why should you choose to visit a treatment centre?

Everyone has different feelings and boundaries regarding drugs and drinking and their effect on themselves and those around them. Some might find a loved one drinking too much very worrying, but it is a normal phase they hope passes for others. Addiction has several clear signs, and if you notice several of the below, you likely need rehab treatment.

  • Denying and hiding how much you drink or take a drug.
  • Erratic or obsessive behaviour such as stealing, missing work or study due to drinking or taking drugs.
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues are made worse by continued substance abuse.
  • Physical deterioration: weight loss, insomnia, poor self-care, and personal hygiene.
 While these may be symptoms of other conditions when combined with excessive use of drugs or alcohol, they are strong signs you need rehab. 

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Why is rehab so important?

Taking time away from a life where you are exposed to your addiction gives you breathing space to re-evaluate your life’s direction. You can find yourself caught up in substance abuse, and those who face addiction due to lifestyle factors need to step away.

“If you have tried stopping before and found you tripped at the first hurdle, detox treatment has a better early success rate.”

Using prescribed medicines to manage how you feel in the early weeks stops you from feeling down and physically strained. Recovery is about making you feel better, so a medical detox is starting how you mean to continue.

Many in rehab comment that a weight is lifted after detoxification, and they feel ‘better and well’.

Without the burden of chemical dependence, your newfound strength helps carry you into the therapy phase of treatment. Both personal and group therapy are offered in the rehab in Nottinghamshire, and you can choose how much of either you would prefer.

Privacy and individual attention are advantages of speaking with a counsellor alone.

“Group therapy is a central part of addiction treatment and has proven to prevent loneliness and provide a sense of community in abstinence.”

You can also practice your newfound coping skills with others and find strength in supporting each other.  

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Pros and cons of inpatient treatment

Knowing what is available is essential in most life decisions, and rehab is no exception.


  • Round the clock medical supervision
  • Abstinent rehab means it is free from temptations
  • In-house counsellors, doctors, and care staff
  • Fully catered, meaning you can focus on recovery, not daily tasks
  • A supportive group of fellow recoverees reduces isolation and loneliness


  • Taking time away from home or work life
  • Private and therefore paid for
  • Change in routine and living area

I can’t pay for private rehab; what can I do?

There are many options to explore if you find the price of inpatient rehab isn’t manageable. Asking friends and family to help, even with just a small contribution, is common. This enables you to afford the treatment you need and invests those around you in your recovery. Health insurance employers and charities are also avenues to explore for help.

Where private inpatient rehab isn’t possible either for financial or personal reasons such as work, or family responsibilities, outpatient care is widely available.

In Nottinghamshire, several charitable groups can support you while you are detoxing and receiving treatment at home. Many of these groups offer to counsel and help with arranging a medical detox safely.

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What should I be looking for in rehab?

It can be challenging to choose from the different rehabs available and know what you or a loved one need. Our team can provide an overview of the rehab available in Nottinghamshire, but you should consider the following carefully.

  • They treat what you or a friend or family member are addicted to. Although many rehab centres provide help for a wide range of addictions, some drug addiction needs specialist treatment. Also, some rehab is exclusively alcohol or only for drugs, so it is vital to find somewhere that meets your needs.
  • The rehab is in the right area for you. This could be close to home or far removed to give you space, but it is essential to know what you want.
  • Being within your budget is very important, and we can help you find somewhere to suit most financial situations.

Speaking to a rehab expert can help you in making this choice. Our team includes counsellors, former rehab carers and interventionists to give you an insight into what rehab is really like. They can also advise how to convince a loved one to enter rehab or support you in making this all-important decision for yourself.

 Contact our team 24/7 for addiction treatment guidance. 




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