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A Brief Overview of our Rehab Services

The drug and alcohol rehab in Northamptonshire is set in a former country mansion in the heart of the English countryside. The clinic is renowned for providing the best in comfort, luxury and specialised addiction treatment programmes. The private grounds and secluded location offer peace and privacy for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The rehab clinic and its medical professionals have a background in both healthcare and hospitality, ideal for those looking for the very best in care during their addiction recovery program.

What to Expect in Private Rehab

The Northamptonshire rehab centre offers general and urgent admissions, understanding that addiction rehab can be both a long-considered decision and an immediate necessity. Upon arrival, clients will meet with the clinic addiction doctor who will assess their needs and begin the medical detox treatment program. Recommended as the best and safest way to deal with withdrawal symptoms, medical detox protects your body and give you the best chance of a swift recovery. You will be treated with specific drugs depending on whether you are suffering from alcohol addiction or drug addiction and your own particular physical state. The process will take around a week depending on your physicality and the type of addiction. After this initial period of physical recovery, you will start with your addiction treatment program with the rehab clinic counsellors.

The treatment of the client’s addiction is aimed at finding the causes and drivers behind their need to use damaging substances such as alcohol. Group therapy sessions provide a chance to share issues and struggle with addictive behaviour and eases the sense of being alone and opens you up to healing. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions with trained counsellors are also offered one-one to help to create new patterns and ways of thinking about yourself and your addiction. Hand in hand with these treatments the rehab clinic also encourages clients to take part in fitness and social activities such as yoga, swimming and tai chi classes.

This process of recovery can take from one to three months depending on your feeling of readiness to leave rehab. The process of returning home after your treatment will usually be a joint decision between a client and their therapists. The clinic also provides clients with aftercare and guidance in finding the right groups and support networks to keep them clean and sober when they take their first steps out of rehab and back into their lives.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Northamptonshire?

alcohol rehab northamptonshire

Whilst private rehabs come at a higher cost than public and charity choices, they are well-equipped to see you make it to a full recuperation safely and successfully. Our clinic provides the highest standard of care which is reflected in the cost of your treatment. We do not consider the cost when it comes to the importance we place on the recovery of our clients. Our staff will advise you of our various treatment options and the prices.

The Northamptonshire rehab clinic offers clients a blend of luxury, comfort and the very best care available. The rooms are all private with a choice of single rooms with shared facilities as well as luxury rooms with your own private bathroom. The rooms are of the highest standard, bright and airy to offer you comfort and rest while you recover. The grounds of the rehab centre are private to the clinic and its clients and perfect for quiet contemplation and connecting with nature during the recovery process.

In order to make the most of the positive healing power of fitness and physical health when dealing with addiction, the Northamptonshire rehabilitation centre has extensive fitness facilities. The indoor pool is perfect for those looking to exercise in a relaxing and peaceful setting; also there is a soothing infrared sauna to promote relaxation and healing. The Northamptonshire rehab centre has its own fitness centre available for those looking for more exercise as well as tai chi and yoga classes to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Food is a central part of our lives and health and the idea that ‘you are what you eat’ is vital to the recovery process. Often alcohol addiction can lead us to put our nutrition on a back burner at best leaving us with a lack of energy and loss of appetite. The Northamptonshire rehab centre’s team of chefs prepare each client’s meal plan specific to their requirements. All food and drinks including meals and snacks are all-inclusive in the Northamptonshire rehab. Not only are the dietary requirements important but also particular deficiencies and nutritional energy boosters too.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rehab Clinic

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

The initial medical detox period will take around one or two weeks depending on your individual situation and what type of addiction you are suffering from. Once your addiction detox is complete, you will begin the process of recovery and therapy. The length of which will depend on your individual progress and your drive to succeed in getting clean and sober. Most residents stay for around one to three months in this rehab clinic before returning home.

Can I use my phone in the Northamptonshire rehab clinic?

Phone and internet use is permitted during the recovery and therapy period provided that your therapists feel it is not in any way harmful to your addiction treatment.

Can my family visit me in the drug rehab in Northamptonshire?

It is very important to stay in touch with family and loved ones during your addiction recovery. Visitors are encouraged to come to the rehab centre and provide support and motivation, visits should be booked with the clinic in advance and the times will be given upon request.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

There are many different treatment options available, ranging from charity programmes and NHS-backed drug and alcohol services to inpatient treatment in private rehab establishments. Your option of recovery programme will define how favourable your treatment will turn out. If your addiction is mild, an outpatient programme in which you get counselling and coaching on lifestyle changes can be sufficient to see you achieve recovery.

Addiction Support Groups in Northamptonshire

It is important to attach or connect yourself with groups.

Primary support groups in the county include:

Narcotics Anonymous: A society of recovering drug addicts steered by the 12-step principle. Meetings are unrestricted around the county and membership comes at no cost.

Alcoholics Anonymous: This is a group that is made up of recovering alcoholics who come together to support each other. There are multiple AA meetings in Northamptonshire that are held on a weekly basis.

You are now on your way to a brighter future. Contact Detox Plus UK today for immediate admissions to a Northamptonshire alcohol rehab treatment centre. Call us now on 0207 2052734 to talk to one of our expert addiction counsellors. We offer 100% FREE advice on alcohol addiction and our centre is open 24 hours a day.


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