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Our Admission Process

Detox Plus UK accepts patients into our drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centres throughout the United Kingdom.

Detoxification and treatment costs are all-inclusive in the price you pay. No obscure extras will appear when you choose Detox Plus UK as your chosen rehabilitation treatment provider. When you decide to stay in our centres, you will receive 24 hours a day therapeutic supervision, including the provision of some medication to aid the withdrawal process.

What you will receive

The cost of our rehabilitation includes:

  • Medications as required
  • Treatment by way of counselling and therapy sessions
  • Four nutritious meals per day
  • Accommodation – En-suite room when possible and if requested
  • Corresponding therapies

We can place patients in our centres on short-term notice. During admissions, the medical team may request access to your medical records with your permission. Once you arrive at the rehabilitation centre, the medical team will conduct a clinical evaluation to form your personalised treatment plan. You will be notified of what to anticipate during your treatment programme and what they will expect from you.

How To Access Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment

Assuming clinic availability, and other requirements are in place, emergency admission can be facilitated within 24 hours, and detox itself can begin within a few hours after admission.

Get In Touch

Upon contacting us, we’ll chat together to understand your situation and needs fully.

We’ll talk with you on a short telephone questionnaire designed to help us provide you with the best possible care.

Then we will set a date for your admission, and you can look forward to a new start in life.

Call us today on 02072052734.

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