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Getting Help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Berkshire

The main aim of rehab in Berkshire is to provide you with a private setting designed to relax you as much as possible. At the same time, you are free to adapt to a new way of life, a life that is without substances, in a supportive environment.

You can access private grounds to socialise with your peers and have space to be alone. Rehab is known to provide the security of having expert staff on hand that are dedicated to supporting you in any way that is relevant to you. That is the guarantee from Berkshire Rehabs.

Whatever substance you have been addicted to will profoundly affect your body, mind and spirit. You will need all the space and support you can to mend those bonds.

Drug rehab Berkshire

The rehab clinics in Berkshire provide a holistic treatment approach. Many addictions can be treated, including any legal or illegal drug.

So if you feel apprehensive about contacting us about your addiction to illegal substances, do not worry. We are happy to help you no matter what situation you find yourself in. All of the clinics we work with are entirely focused on supporting you toward a more sustainable, balanced recovery for you in the future.

The first step of your rehab journey is a medical detox supervised by a well-trained staff, including doctors, psychiatric nurses, therapists, counsellors and our consultant psychiatrist.

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What can I expect from a Medical Detox?

Medical Detox is specifically designed to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. However, the withdrawal process can be challenging and painful for the body, no matter what substance you use. Providing medical detox is a way of easing this process. It will significantly reduce stress levels that withdrawals would otherwise cause.

Medical Detox is considered the safest method for removing substances; despite this, we will still provide 24-hour observations from medically trained professionals to keep your mind at ease. Any questions you may have during the sessions will be answered.

The alcohol detox period usually lasts around a week, as does the drug detox. Once the Detox is over and you are clean of any substances, you can begin rebuilding your life by exploring new possibilities and interests through our counselling sessions.

What kind of counselling treatment is available in Berkshire rehab?

The drug and alcohol rehab in Berkshire specialises in all kinds of therapeutic approaches. Many different approaches can be blended to suit the individual, called a person-centred approach.

The NHS and other health bodies recognise all the techniques we use as the best way to help those with addiction issues.

One of the most popular treatments is CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Treatment), a psycho-social intervention that aims to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and behavioural problems. CBT is so popular because it targets what is relative to you. For example, you are having issues with socialising. The treatment will involve putting yourself in more social situations, making the unfamiliar familiar.

Although CBT is one of the more popular choices, you will be allowed to use CBT. Nowadays, there is more of a mix regarding counselling. So, when you sit with one of the psychologists in the rehab, they will sit down with you and create a personalised plan. This plan is designed to give you the best chance of providing a foundation for your new lifestyle changes.

What kind of foundation?

The foundation is laid down as a blank canvas for a fresh start. To be free from substances for the first time in years can be daunting, so building new, healthy thought patterns to encourage a positive self-image is vital. Especially when dealing with addiction and its effects on your life.

What other treatments can I expect?

The Berkshire rehab can offer an optional fitness program and yoga sessions to practice mindfulness. We also offer Reiki sessions, art therapy, and relaxation techniques.

We can also offer other forms of therapy, such as anger management. This may not be relevant, but we offer many opportunities to find new interests and treatments.

We actively encourage our clients to participate in group sessions to build new relationships with their peers. Building bonds with those going through something similar to yourself may be helpful if you are struggling with moments of relapse.

Frequently asked questions about rehab in Berkshire.

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Typically, our programs will include a full detox and addiction recovery program, which can take a month to three months. The duration of the program will also depend on your motivation to get sober, which our counsellors will closely monitor.

Can I use my phone while I am in rehab?

Yes. The rehab clinics in Berkshire will allow you to use your phone along with the WIFI, but this will usually only be permitted in the evenings. It is essential to stay in touch with loved ones during your stay. It can boost morale and encourage you further in your journey toward sobriety.

However, phone use is discouraged during your first week as you must focus on your recovery process.

What happens after rehab?

At Detox Plus UK, we pride ourselves on offering you the most extensive network of expert addiction treatment providers available in the UK today. But we won’t just give you every single option; we will provide you with an aftercare program relevant to your needs. And suppose you feel that something other than the organisation is a fit, we will work with you in finding and arranging what works for you.

What is aftercare?

Aftercare is arranging ongoing care after you have completed residential treatment for addiction or following home detox. For practical reasons, Detox Plus UK will provide you with a complete aftercare programme designed around the attendance of local services.

What kind of local services?

At Detox Plus, we can offer clients from the UK local one-to-one counselling, CBT therapy, REBT, and other therapeutic approaches. And if you can’t manage face-to-face sessions, Skype or over the phone is available. This will enable you to blend your recovery with other life commitments.

Is it essential to continue care after rehab?

Anyone afflicted by the disease of addiction will remain at risk of relapse for the rest of their life, even if they have completed a period of residential treatment.

The highest risk period for relapse is the first year following the completion of treatment, and an individual should engage in a complete package of ongoing care for at least this period.

With Detox Plus, you have immediate access to expert advice that can act to save lives and prevent relapse.

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