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Rehab in East Midlands

About the drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands

Located in the vibrant East Midlands, the rehab centre enjoys the best of both worlds being both central and within easy reach of peaceful countryside. The drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands is comfortable and highly specialised with different stages of recovery dealt with in different facilities designed to make the most of your treatment plan. The drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands has a wealth of experience and expertise in both drug and alcohol recovery with personalised treatment plans and professional counsellors on hand. The clinic’s staff are available to you 24/7 during your detox and recovery time; this is also an intimate and private clinic housing only seventeen inpatient clients at any one time.

Rehab treatment in the East Midlands rehab clinic

The treatment programme at the drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands is split into three stages, the first of which is primary care. Upon admission, this will be your first step with a full assessment from the rehab clinic’s detox doctor and your counsellors. The first stage usually involves a medical detox in order to help you start your journey with as much ease and comfort as possible. Medical drug and alcohol detox has been shown to relieve the physical and mental strain while removing toxins from your body through abstinence. During your detox period, you will have access to the 24/7 care the rehab clinic offers.

Once your medical detox is complete, secondary care can start the process of recovery from addiction. The East Midlands rehab clinic can provide inpatient residential care for up to 17 people with a support program designed to help clients to recover and rebuild after addiction. The treatment program you undertake will depend on your individual requirements. The drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands believes in treating all of the causes and issues associated with your addiction, not just the addiction itself.

This means that other conditions, such as anxiety and depression, will be taken into account and treated alongside your drug or alcohol addiction treatment. This holistic approach is typical of the current thinking in addiction treatment and recovery programs. Treating people as individuals with their own issues and reasons for their addiction has been proven highly effective. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can be tailored to your personal needs and helps those suffering from addiction to re-assess their priorities and change the way they think about their addiction and life in general. CBT also helps addiction sufferers to take positive new steps in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves free from drugs or alcohol.

The final phase of the drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands addiction recovery program is sober living. Separate accommodation can be provided to those who wish to continue with their addiction program as an outpatient in special rehab accommodation.

Facilities in drug and alcohol rehab in East Midlands

Rehab in East Midlands

The East Midlands rehab centre is a dedicated treatment facility with a separate accommodation building a short distance away. The accommodation is mostly single rooms although there are some double rooms. The rehab clinic will do their best to offer clients their own room, but sharing is a possibility during your stay. The residences are comfortable with their own sitting and recreation rooms as well as a dedicated dining area. The East Midlands rehab clinic is fully catered, and all meals will be provided to clients in keeping with dietary requirements and your recommended nutrition plan.

The holistic treatment style of the East Midlands rehab centre tries to heal the body, mind and soul of those suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. In addition to the 12-step program and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, there are also classes in mindfulness, anger management and meditation amongst others. During the later stages of recovery, clients will also be offered the opportunity to create new healthy habits and develop personally. Courses, training and volunteer work are made available to those who feel they would benefit from them.

Frequently Asked Questions about the East Midlands rehab clinic

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

At the East Midlands rehab clinic offers a three-tier recovery program which opens up several options for your stay. The first stage will take around one to two weeks in which you will detox, and the majority of people complete this as an inpatient. Residing in the rehab centre helps keep you on track and away from the temptation and stresses of regular life that can lead back to addiction. Once this detox period is complete, you will move on to secondary treatment which could last up to a month. Following this, many people choose to continue with special housing in order to continue the support and feeling of safety as they learn to lead a clean and sober life.

Can I use my phone in a rehab centre?

The use of phone and WIFI is usually only permitted after the initial detox period has been completed. The use of computers and phones is usually discouraged in rehab centres in order to help clients focus on their addiction recovery.

Can my family visit me in a rehab centre?

Visits to the East Midlands rehab clinic are encouraged as family support can be an important part of the recovery process. Visits by family and loved ones can be arranged by phone in advance.

If you or your loved one suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, give us a call now so we may offer you free help and support in overcoming this addiction. We work with treatment providers across the United Kingdom, and we will help you locate treatment that’s absolutely right for your needs.

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