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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources 

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse can affect both adolescents and adults, and in many cases, a rehabilitation centre is the best option to treat these disorders. Perhaps you’re reading this as a parent of a teen who’s addicted to drugs, and you’re interested in learning more about teen drug abuse so you can help your child get treatment. Or maybe you need treatment for yourself and are searching for a rehab centre in a particular city.  Or perhaps you’ve already gone through treatment and are looking for drug and alcohol recovery groups; motivation for change and recovery.  Or, maybe you’re seeking an online tool that allows you to track your drinking levels quickly.Whichever category you fall in, you can find the answers to your questions on Detoxplusuk's alcohol and drug abuse resources page. Click on the sections below to learn more about the topic that interests you:

Teenage Alcohol & Drug Abuse  

Get the latest data on teen drug abuse, including the most popular drugs and how they’re misused, the popular reasons for drug use among teens, demographic stats, effects and signs, and the available treatment options.

Find Rehab Resources Near You  

Find various substance abuse therapy resources in UK cities and towns.

These include drug and alcohol recovery groups,

12-step model support groups, like alcoholics anonymous, and more!


Friends and Family Treatment  

Whether it’s via an intervention before rehab or support afterward, family and friends play a vital role in the various phases of rehab. Visit the following portal to learn more.

Free Motivational & Inspirational Resources  

Why do people change?  Well, people usually only contemplate change when they are dissatisfied with their existing situation.

We have compiled some directional and motivational resources that you can consider as a tool for acceptance, change and recovery.

Find a Centre Nearest You  

Smoking Cessation  

Nicotine dependence ― also called tobacco dependence ― is an addiction to tobacco products caused by the drug nicotine. Nicotine dependence means you can’t stop using the substance, even though it’s causing you harm.

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