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When you are in the process of recovery, you may feel very lonely. You may feel like no one truly comprehends what you are going through. You learn quickly who your real friends are and who was just along for the party. You will come across a lot of inspirational material as you travel along your road to recovery. Here are some Powerpoints that we have prepared over time, some may help you beat your addiction and help you along during your addiction treatment.

Detox Plus UK believes that recovery from addiction involves the healing of all dimensions of a person—physical, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual. The process involves an improvement in self-awareness and self-image. There is a gradual realisation and acceptance of the fact that recovery is a life-long process, which demands ongoing commitment.


My choice to be

sober is nothing to

be sorry about and

everything to be

grateful for.



The path to your

recovery journey is

your creative power

and the path to making

responsible choices.

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