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Alcoholism and addiction in general are hard subjects to breach with someone going through them. This is especially true if you’re talking to an alcoholic in denial. 

You can see the signs, the impact on the person’s life, and the pain that they’re going through, but their mind has decided to block those factors out. It happens a lot, and it can be a dangerous coping mechanism. 

That said, it’s important to figure out what to say to an alcoholic in denial so that you can help them recover. We’re going to answer explore the question “what do you say to an alcoholic in denial,” giving you some ideas on ways to approach the matter. 

Let’s take a look.

What to Say to An Alcoholic in Denial

The first thing to do is ask yourself whether or not you’re the right person to have this discussion with your loved one. Are you an integral person in their life?

Do they have other people who might be able to better send the message to them? Our personal pride and desire to help the person shouldn’t factor into whether or not we’re the ones who start the conversation. 

The best move is to consider who the message will be best received from so that there’s a good chance the conversation can lead to change. 

If you find that you’re the person, though, consider some of the following ideas. 

Ideas to Consider

Ensure that you and the other person are both entirely sober. Alcohol addiction can be severe, and a person in the throes of it could respond poorly if they’re already intoxicated. 

You should also consider getting a little alcohol education for yourself before you breach the subject. Do some research into addiction, alcoholism, and treatment options so that you’re more versed in what you’re talking about. 

It may also be good to start slow. You don’t have to knock out the entire issue with one conversation unless the person is in a position to harm themselves. If the alcoholism has reached a point where the person is in danger of overdose, sweeping measures might have to be taken. 

That said, you can start by just letting the person know what you see in them. Let them know that their alcohol use affects you and you believe it’s an addiction. 

Discussions about alcohol treatment or professional help can come a little later if they have to. Understanding how to approach an alcoholic in denial requires that you know the particular person. 

Some people respond well to serious news all at once, while others require a softer touch. There’s no one trick to understanding how to talk to an alcoholic in denial, but coming at it from a place of understanding and love will almost always help. 

At the end of the day, a difficult situation might require help from a professional interventionist. These are people who can facilitate an effective intervention that leads to treatment. 

We’re here to help you with that option.

Need More Insight into Alcohol Addition?

Hopefully, the ideas above have given you a little help in knowing what to say to an alcoholic in denial. If you’re still struggling, it never hurts to talk with a professional about your options. 

Contact us or explore our site to see what can be done to help your loved one. We can figure out a plan and get them back to a state of health and wellness. 





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