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If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab centre in Liverpool can prove stressful.

Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction can leave you feeling alone, hopeless and lost, and asking for help can be frightening. Detox Plus UK understand this better than most. We are here to support you every step of your recovery journey and ensure you get the help you need. We will also keep your family and loved ones.

There are several drug and alcohol detox and rehab clinics in and around the Liverpool area. Each treatment centre and detox facility will offer something slightly different regarding treatment, cost and accommodation. This can confuse someone who needs immediate help and has reached a crisis point.

The good news is you can pick up the phone right now and connect with one of our highly trained and compassionate advisors, who will guide you through the steps to finding the right rehab.

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Types of addiction treatment help available in Liverpool

Everyone is different and has different treatment needs and preferences. Yet, if you call up any drug or alcohol rehab in the Liverpool area, they will try to convince you that they are the perfect match. This can, at best, be a waste of money and, at worst, make treatment ineffective.

Substance use disorders manifest differently in different people. Addiction is at the most severe end of the scale, a life-threatening disease requiring very targeted and tailored treatment.

Ideally, you or your loved one will only ever want to enter a detox and rehab facility once. You’ll enjoy the treatment to work, enabling you to build a sober and happy life. This is why accessing the right fit regarding addiction treatment is so important.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab Liverpool (residential rehab treatment)

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is often known as residential rehab and is the most comprehensive addiction treatment you can get.

The fastest way to access inpatient treatment is to self-fund. Self-funding will also provide you with more treatment options. Occasionally, government funding for rehab in Liverpool can be secured through your local drug and alcohol team. However, be warned that a lengthy lengthy and time-consuming process is guaranteed.

Residential drug and alcohol treatment with a high CQC rating will provide a foundation for ongoing recovery. It would be best to stay at your chosen rehab for your treatment programme. You will undergo a full medical detox and bespoke rehabilitation treatment programme there.

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The benefits of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Immediate admission, no waiting times
  • A safe and secure environment free from substances
  • A complete medical detox with 24/7 professional care & support
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals and therapists
  • Treatment is tailored to your individual treatment needs and goals
  • Evidence-based treatments combined with the latest in cutting-edge therapies and holistic wellbeing
  • Learn effective relapse prevention techniques
  • Free 1-year aftercare outpatient treatment programme

What to expect during inpatient rehab

We understand that going into a rehab centre is a big commitment that costs time and expense. Yet the benefits of choosing to go inpatient in a Liverpool rehab centre would surely outweigh any negatives.

There are several drug and alcohol rehabs in and around Liverpool. Each has its own set of activities and treatments. Accommodation can vary, as can the standard of meals and intensiveness of care.

The easiest and quickest way to ensure you access the proper treatment is to undergo a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment with a Detox Plus advisor. We will take down a detailed history of your substance use, medical conditions, mental health, and anything else that we feel is relevant to you accessing the best drug and alcohol treatment possible.

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A typical day in residential rehab Liverpool

Typically, your day in rehab will start early with any medications and breakfast. Therapies usually begin at 9 am and finish around 4 pm. You can unwind, relax, socialise, and attend recovery meetings in the evenings. Residential treatment centres are staffed around the clock, so there is support wherever you need it, even at night.

Treatments included with inpatient rehab:

  • Individual therapy (one-to-one with a designated counsellor)
  • Group therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy – CBT
  • Nutrition
  • Medications for detoxification and any co-occurring illnesses diagnosed
  • Access to emergency medical care
  • Fitness programme
  • Holistic programme

Depending on your rehab, you may also have access to a private gym, trauma therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and a family programme. We can advise you on which rehabs in Liverpool offer more specialist services.

Outpatient drug and alcohol counselling in Liverpool

For some people, outpatient rehab treatment is the preferable option. Typically, you would attend a day rehab programme and return home for the evening. However, this comes with risks for someone with alcoholism or drug addiction. The temptation to drink and use will still be there, as well as stressors associated with your home environment.

If you plan on staying local, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool is by far the safest and most effective option. An outpatient programme would require you to be already detoxed from all addictive substances. For some people, it is unsafe to achieve this without the assistance of medical help and care around the clock.

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is most effective for those who have already managed to stop addictive substances, have a good support network and want to work on themselves with the assistance of professionals.

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The causes of addiction

Addiction is a complex disorder and can have many different contributing factors. Determining what caused you to take substances compulsively won’t provide a magic cure. There are many other components to effective drug and alcohol treatment. However, gaining a better understanding of what you suffer from can only be positive and spur you into working through the underlying causes.

The known contributing factors of addiction:

  • Childhood trauma – Trauma sustained whilst the brain is still developing changes how the brain operates and behaves and could make you more vulnerable to addiction
  • Genetics – If you have a history of drug addiction, alcohol addiction or mental health illness in your family, this could make you predisposed to addiction
  • .Environment – The environment in which you were raised can directly impact the coping mechanisms you learned from your primary caregivers (1)
  • Mental health – Suffering from a mental health disorder can lead to self-medication through substance abuse. Diagnosing and treating an underlying mental health condition is vital to effective drug addiction treatment.
  • Early drug and alcohol use – Research shows that an early introduction to substances can affect how the brain operates (2)

Further to unearthing and healing the root causes of addiction, learning new and healthy ways of managing emotions. Just as thoughts create essential Emotions, why are thought-based and behavioural therapies effective in treating someone with an addictive disorder?

Call Detox Plus to find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool for you now.

Free drug and alcohol services in Liverpool

Not everyone can afford to self-fund a private drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool. However, treatment may be more affordable than you think, so it is always best to call us to determine the cost before deciding.

There are many rehabs in the Liverpool area, ranging from Luxury to budget. It also depends on what your treatment needs are. For example, if you only need a straightforward alcohol detox before returning to your local self-help services in Liverpool, the cost can be relatively low and affordable for most.

Free Liverpool drug and alcohol services 

AA Meetings in Liverpool

Garston How It Works Tuesday

Garston Park Church, Island Rd

Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Postcode: L19 9AF

Telephone: 0800 9177 650

Liverpool Monday Night AA

Methodist Church Hall, Elm Hall Drive/Penny Lane

Time: 19.30

Postcode: L18 1LF

Telephone: 0800 9177 650


Address: The Foundry, 36 Henry St, Liverpool L1 5AY

Opens 9 am Mon

Phone: 0151 706 7888

NA meetings Merseyside, Liverpool

Narcotics Anonymous Newcomers Meeting

Address: St Bride’s Church, Percy Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8 7LT

Time: 13:00 ~ 14:30

Telephone: 03009991212

Other drug and alcohol services in Liverpool can include drug and alcohol rehabs, which charities often run. Please contact your local drug and alcohol services to learn more.

Why Detox Plus UK for alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre Liverpool

Detox Plus provides free, confidential advice & admission to alcohol & drug detox clinics in Liverpool and its surrounding areas.

As a specialist addiction treatment provider, we can help you or a loved one with free and unbiased advice on the best addiction treatment centres in your local area. We provide professional alcohol and drug addiction treatment, including detox, rehab, counselling and aftercare, both inpatient and outpatient, for all parts of the UK and overseas.

Furthermore, we will tailor your detox and rehabilitation programme to your needs. This means that we ensure you are treated on every level imaginable. Call us today for a free assessment and advice on the following steps to improve your life.

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