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Detox Plus can guide you or someone you love to a successful addiction recovery.

By Phoning our helpline, we provide expert guidance on the addiction treatments local to you in Aberdeenshire.

The addiction treatments available to you will include alcohol or drug rehabilitation, safe detoxification from substances and evidence-based therapies to delve into the root cause of substance misuse.

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The epitome of rural tranquillity and privacy, the detox clinic in Aberdeenshire boasts a blend of the finest Scottish hospitality and experienced addiction counsellors and doctors on hand.

The rehab in Aberdeenshire is surrounded by private grounds and several acres of countryside, offering clients peace and space to breathe during their recovery.

The centre also has the advantage of being a fully registered independent addiction hospital with ample facilities and highly trained staff. This is also one of the few locations which offer a complete 12-step program.

The program is well known for its effective results in helping people struggling with substance addiction to remain clean and sober after leaving rehabilitation.

The Addiction Treatments in Rehab

Anyone struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will benefit by going to rehab. The main benefits of going to a rehab facility are:

  • Structured and routine day plans
  • Safe and supportive environment
  • Multiple therapies and treatments
  • 24-hour medical support
  • A focus on health, building new habits and setting goals
  • Ongoing support

The bespoke program offered by the drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeenshire is designed for the long-term recovery of their clients.

The centre provides Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), widely recognised as one of the most effective strategies in dealing with addiction, and Acceptance and Commitments Therapy (ACT).

The ACT is well known in addiction circles as an effective method of practising mindfulness and changing the thought patterns that lead people into addictive behaviour. It is effective in helping people achieve the long-term abstinence they need.

With long-term abstinence in mind, the program also introduces clients to the 12-step program and holds in-house AA meetings.

The group Alcoholics Anonymous is well known worldwide, and membership helps those recovering from alcohol addiction continue their recovery and sobriety during and after their stay.

The AA and its groups are available worldwide, providing those suffering from addiction with a support network long after they leave the addiction treatment.

The clinic counsellors try to ensure continued sobriety by creating a support network. Therefore, family sessions are a cornerstone of the addiction treatment options and are overseen by the centre’s counsellors and psychiatrist.

These sessions help to build strong bonds and create understanding and support between those suffering from substance misuse and those who care about them.

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The Facilities 

One of the features that stands out about the rehab centre is that it is a fully registered and equipped hospital specialising in treating drug and alcohol addiction sufferers.

Therefore, round-the-clock nursing staff will be available to care for and assist clients, with one staff member to every two clients during the day-time.

A psychiatrist and detox doctor can give medical advice and expert therapy.

The facility has twenty-three beds in shared single-sex rooms. This improves the chances of immediate admission, which can often be meaningful for those struggling with addiction who know they need to get sober and clean as soon as possible.

There is also a recreation room with a television and books for clients to relax.

Outside the gardens is a picnic area with tables for those who want to eat ‘al fresco’. Otherwise, meals are taken together in the dining room, and the in-house cooks make all meals homemade.

Special dietary needs and nutrition plans are incorporated into the meals.

After the initial six-week program, clients can move to the second building for a more extended stay. At this time, they will be given a more relaxed rehab program that continues with therapies and group sessions and gives them time for rest and recreation.

New, healthier habits are crucial to addiction recovery, so gym access and opportunities for country walks and other activities such as golf are available.

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Frequently asked questions about the private alcohol detox Aberdeenshire

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

The length of time you stay in rehab will depend on the nature of your addiction, your progress, and how you feel about your readiness to return home. The initial medical detox period is usually around a week or more, depending on the advice of the detox doctor you will meet upon admission. After this period, the rehab centre offers a six-week residential rehab program. Once you have completed this program, your counsellor and doctors will consult about returning home or continuing a more relaxed well-being program until you are ready to return to life outside the rehab centre.

Can I use my phone and WIFI?

After completing their first week of addiction treatment, an in-house payphone is available for clients. This is done to reduce distractions and focus on rehab treatment in the initial period. With this in mind, personal electronic devices are not allowed to be used during your stay.

Can my family visit me in the clinic?

Those suffering from addiction benefit significantly from a strong support network to recover and stay sober and healthy. The clinic helps to nurture and rebuild the relationships between clients, their families and loved ones. Family member visits, as are family sessions, are encouraged by your family and loved ones involved and connected to your addiction recovery.

You are now on your way to a brighter future. 

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