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Both primary and secondary treatment is available at the West Yorkshire rehab centre, helping clients suffering from addiction to recover and rebuild their lives one piece at a time. In the beautiful city of Bradford, the West Yorkshire clinic is only a short journey from most major cities and airports, making for a smooth admissions process and easy access for family and loved ones to visit. The rehab clinic’s situation is quiet and secluded, while only being a few minute’s travel from the centre of Bradford and all the city has to offer.

The West Yorkshire rehab centre itself is fully residential and based around a rehab community experience. Clients stay together with others who are recovering from similar substance abuse to help build a strong support network and a sense of community with others.

Residential rehab in West Yorkshire

The treatment programme assures that you or a loved one are safely detoxed from drugs or alcohol under the supervision of a health professional before beginning the rehabilitation process. The first step is a medical detox which is the removal of addictive substances from your body with the use of specialised medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms. This keeps the detox process safe and is much more comfortable for the person suffering from the addiction. This is particularly concerning for those undergoing an alcohol detox programme.

The decision and process of breaking from addiction is challenging; a medical detox in the West Yorkshire rehab clinic supports you in your recovery and helps ease the transition to sobriety. When the medical detox is complete, the recovery period can begin. A holistic addiction recovery plan will be tailored to each individual, the client and their counsellors. Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), those recovering from addiction can come to understand their addiction, helping to create new positive associations and lifestyles.

Two-to-one therapy sessions with experienced counsellors and group sessions are offered at the rehab facility in West Yorkshire. One-to-one therapy allows drug and alcohol addiction sufferers time to explore and address their relationship with their addiction. Group sessions are also exploratory, and mutual support can help those suffering from addiction to banish feelings of isolation and shame. The rehab centre also offers dual diagnosis and treatment for those who are suffering from not only addiction but also mental health issues. Some mental health issues are associated with drug and alcohol addiction, including depression. By treating both of these together the drug and addiction treatment options in West Yorkshire, counsellors hope to improve the chances of recovery significantly.

Integration back into life outside the rehab centre can be a challenge, but support is at hand at the West Yorkshire rehab clinic. The clinic’s community integration program helps those who are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction to build their support network and create a new positive, addiction-free lifestyle. This will be vital for those returning home after spending time in recovery and can significantly reduce the chances of relapse.

Facilities in West Yorkshire rehab clinic

The drug rehab centres in West Yorkshire is a self-contained rehab community where clients can recover in peace and privacy. All inpatients’ needs are catered for within the rehab centre with full catering and a bespoke nutrition plan tailored to specific dietary requirements. The in-house chefs will prepare all meals and snacks with a view to helping you take care of your body and address any deficiencies during your recovery.

The accommodation in the alcohol rehabilitation in West Yorkshire community is private with comfortable and well-appointed single bedrooms. These rooms are designed to provide comfort and tranquillity during the detox and recovery process. The rehab clinic’s staff are available, and there will be someone in the centre 24/7 to take care of clients’ needs, at all times. The rehab clinic is also unique in having specially designed facilities for those with limited mobility. Wheelchair access is available throughout the rehab clinic, and those with additional care needs can be assisted during their stay.

She frequently Asked Questions about the West Yorkshire rehab clinic.

How long will I stay in a rehab centre?

Alcohol treatment in the West Yorkshire clinic provides primary and secondary care for those suffering from addiction; the time you spend in the rehab clinic may vary. The medically managed detox can take several days to two weeks, depending on the substance you are addicted to and your physical health. The secondary addiction recovery phase gives the client’s time to look at their addiction and what causes it more deeply with one-to-one counselling and group therapy. This phase of addiction recovery is vital to changing attitudes and associations with what the client is addicted to. Depending on the client’s progress and addiction, this phase can take several months. The client will decide the length of stay in discussion with their counsellor and family.

Can I use my phone in a rehab centre?

The use of phones, computers and WIFI in the West Yorkshire rehab centre varies depending on the advice of your counsellors and detox doctor. During medical detoxes, the use of mobile phones, computers and the internet is not recommended. These can distract from your treatment and increase the chance of relapsing. After the initial period, if counsellors feel it will not distract from your addiction treatment, the use of phones and computers is permitted outside of treatment times.

Can my family visit me in a rehab centre?

The West Yorkshire rehab clinic offers personalised family support as part of its recovery program. This means your family and loved ones can join and support you during addiction recovery. In order to reduce disruption, visits by family members are arranged in advance outside of treatment times.

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We work with treatment providers across the United Kingdom who are fully committed to ensuring their service is available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure this is possible, they have implemented several measures to protect the health and safety of all patients and staff during the lockdown.

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