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What Is An Enabler In Alcoholism?

Out of love and fear, we do all sorts of things to protect our alcoholics. Most of the things we do, however, actually help the addiction instead. As a result, the addiction flourishes, and our loved ones get sicker. This....
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Why Do People Become Alcoholics?

Did you know that 1.34 billion people worldwide consumed unsafe amounts of alcohol in 2020? However, while some of those people may have become alcoholics, others did not. What's the difference between the groups?  Why do people become alcoholics or not? No....
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What Do You Say To An Alcoholic In Denial?

Alcoholism and addiction in general are hard subjects to breach with someone going through them. This is especially true if you're talking to an alcoholic in denial.  You can see the signs, the impact on the person's life, and the....
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