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oxycodone covid

Study shows Opioid Addiction More Likely For People Who Had Covid-19

A study conducted on the survivors of COVID-19 has revealed many worrying aspects. This includes a huge rise in opioid use disorders. Washington University School of Medicine and V.A. St. Louis Healthcare System researchers conducted a comprehensive study. The study....
blue valium

The Shocking Rise in Valium Abuse

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase of people using the Internet and street dealers to obtain prescription drugs to treat anxiety and insomnia. The drugs causing the most concern are sold as benzodiazepines, including fake Xanax and....

5 reasons Why Christmas Is the Best Time To Go To Alcohol Rehab

Many people delay seeking help for an alcohol problem until after the Christmas period. We know this due to the heavy demand for alcohol rehab when the Christmas and New Year period is over. January is historically a traditional time....
alcohol anxiety

Drinking and Anxiety – Hidden Impact of Lockdown

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. During the pandemic, the British have drunk more alcohol due to loneliness, depression and anxiety. Dramatic changes in all our lives during the past six months have increased anxiety levels.....
pregabalin abuse

Pregabalin Abuse & Addiction Linked To Suicide

British researchers from Oxford University have conducted a study that revealed those taking pregabalin or gabapentin (the two most commonly prescribed gabapentinoids) are at 26% increased risk of suicide. Tolerance and dependence with both of these drugs develop over time....
mindfulness addiction treatment

Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery

Why mindfulness treatment helps people who suffer from addiction There are many different approaches to recovery from alcohol addiction and many ways to do it well. The research will attest to several different modalities providing successful ways of practising sobriety.....

The Link Between Sleep Deprivation And Drug & Alcohol Addiction

  Your Guide to Achieving a Healthy Sleep Pattern Sleep deprivation or insufficient sleep is the condition of not having enough sleep. This lack of sleep can have profound consequences on your physical health, puts you at risk of serious....
helping loved one get off drugs

Helping A Loved One Get Off Drugs

It can be scary, sad, and disheartening to watch someone you love who has an alcohol and drugs addiction. Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be most torturous to have to watch it happen right before your eyes. While it....
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